Course Description

Manvel High School
Course Syllabus
Equine Science
Mrs. Courtney Webb
Manvel High School
19601 Hwy. 6
Manvel, Texas 77578
Phone: (281) 245- 2232 ext. 5169
Room D119
Conference: 6th Period (12:57-1:50)
Course Description:
This class is focused on learning about horses. The beginning of the semester will
address basic equine knowledge such as history, breeds, identification, conformation,
and judging. Then, we will explore concepts in anatomy, physiology, reproduction,
nutrition, health, equine facilities, and management.
2 Inch, 3 ring binder with pockets
Spiral Notebook
Pen or pencil
* NOTE- this binder will be kept in the classroom at all times and will count for
a grade throughout the semester.
Classroom Rules and Expectations:
1. All students will come to class prepared and on time.
2. The teacher will dismiss the class, not the bell. No lining up at the door before
bell rings. Mrs. Webb’s BIGGEST pet peeve.
3. Students will not sleep in class.
4. Profanity will not be tolerated.
5. Be respectful of everyone; peers, teachers, guest speakers.
6. Be engaged in the lesson and activities.
Must be scheduled by appointment with Mrs. Webb
Homework Policy:
Most assignments or projects given in class, students will have class time to
complete. If a student does not complete the work then it becomes homework and will
be due the following class day. All work turned in late will be subjected to the district
policy on late work.
Late Work Policy:
The assignment is considered late if it is not turned in at the time it is due. All late
work will receive a grade penalty. The following table reflects the maximum percentage
of the possible grade the student is to receive for late assignments, at the high school
Grading Policy:
Daily work- 45%
Tests- 40%
Class Participation-15%
Course Outline:
1st Nine Weeks Topics
History and Development of the Horse
The Horse Industry
Breeds, Types, and Classes of Horses
Horse Anatomy
2nd Nine Weeks Topics
Determining Age, Height, and Weight of Horses
Digestion and Nutrition
Health Management/ Parasite Control
Horse Management
To receive a Quality grade, you must do Quality work!!!