AGIS to FSEMS - Avon Grove School District


Avon Grove Intermediate School to Fred S. Engle Middle School Timeline for Transition

 May/June o Transitioning students receive a building tour o o Parent information night Students with disabilities who require more transition time will receive additional tours as needed  August/September o Take a Look o o Parent meeting in early fall once all students have transitioned Back to School night

Programming Information

Building Dynamics  Co- teaching in language arts and mathematics(not in all classes   8 periods per day o Art Cycle  Some students will receive direct instruction lieu of additional art cycle classes Use of locker to house all materials o Supports/alternate arrangements for those who cannot access a combination lock  Students can participate in after school sports, extracurricular activities  Team Structure Teacher collaboration o A special education teacher is assigned to each team o Team meetings are daily Grades  Transition to letter grades  Can access powerschool for updates on student’s progress  Points are rewarded for homework completion

Contact Information Fred S. Engle Middle School

Mr. Michael Berardi- Principal Mr. Patrick Hogan- Assistant. Principal Mrs. Holly Pettine- Supervisor of Special Education 610-869-3022