January Choice Board 7th Grade: Integers Due: January 23, 2015

January Choice Board
7th Grade: Integers
Due: January 23, 2015
Directions: You must do 2 different assignments. Each is worth 50 points and together add up to a test grade for the month. Answer them on a
separate sheet of paper showing all work and attach them to this paper.
a. Create an integer song or
rap that can help students
remember how the signs of
integers change in different
types of problems.
b. Design a poster that shows
pictorial examples of all of the
different types of integer
c. Create a brochure that
shows how to complete the
calculations with integers. Be
sure to include examples of
word problems readers might
d. Design a bulletin board
display that explains how to
create quality addition,
subtraction, multiplication
and division word problems
using integers.
e. Using the newspaper, locate
at least three stories that can
be used to create four integer
world problems. Create a
scrapbook to show the stories,
word problems, and the
solutions. Be sure to include
all operations with both
positive and negative integers.
f. Create a collage for the
number 36 with at least 25
different integer calculations,
including addition,
subtraction, multiplication,
and division that have 36 as
their answer. Be creative in
your integer equations.
g. Create a PowerPoint of at
h. Free Choice –
least 5 slides re-teaching
Prepare a proposal form and
operations with integers.
submit your idea for approval.
Include vocab, examples and
practice problems with
answers. Upload power point
to VoiceThread and record
your voice teaching the lesson.