Chapter 1-1 Integers and Absolute Values

Chapter 1-1 Integers and Absolute Values
Draw a number line.
Graph the following numbers: 2, 5, 0.
Identifying opposite situations - Write an opposite for each word.
a. win
b. simple
To identify and understand integers and their opposites.
To find the absolute value of an integer.
Common core standard: NS: 1A, B, C, D; 2A, B, C; 3; EE: 3
Math Vocabulary:
Integers: whole numbers and their opposites
Positive Integers:greater than 0
Negative Integers: less than 0
Opposite: an integer the same distance from 0 as the integer on the opposite
side of 0
Absolute Value: the distance an integer is from 0; symbol is Ι Ι; neither
positive or negative
Try These:
Write an integer for each situation:
1) $10 earned
2) 3 below zero
Write the opposite of each:
3) -9
4) 9
5) -(7)
6) -(-4)
9) -Ι-22Ι
10) -Ι22Ι
Write the integer for each:
7) Ι-7Ι
8) Ι6Ι
Homework: Practice pages 1-2 odds