Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) - Crosby-on-Eden

Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation
Add the correct punctuation on the end of these sentences. Pick either a question mark, exclamation
mark or a full stop.
What time do you go to bed
James went swimming with his family in the sea
Get away from me
2. Place in this sentence where you think any commas should be:
I went to the supermarket and I bought some cheese fruit vegetables and milk.
3. Correct this writing by adding capital letters and full stops:
yesterday i woke up very early on a tuesday morning first of all i had some breakfast with my sister
lily we had toast and eggs school was very enjoyable with my teacher miss smith who is very kind after
school i went home with my best friend jack and we played playstation
4. In the sentence below write an A above the words that are adjectives, N for nouns and V for verbs:
Samantha bought a pretty dress.
The tree is ancient, tall and strong.
5. Add the missing verbs in the correct tense below:
Last week I ____________ a cold.
Yesterday we ____________ in my swimming pool.
Today I am ______________ in a race.
Next summer I ______________________ Spain.
An hour ago they ____________ to the park.
6. Underline the incorrect spellings and wrote the correct spellings at the end of the sentences:
I live in a littel house.
______________ You need to buy a new telefone. _______________
Wen does the film start?
Can you here that noise?
We shood do our homework. ________________
The man stopt when he reached the road. ____________
7. Underline the mistakes and write the following sentences again with the correct grammar:
Henry and Jane is very good at sports.
Today I am sing in the school play.
We was very tired. _______________________________________________
8. Write the correct plurals for these words.
one baby
two _______
one sheep
two _________
one mouse
two _________
one child
two _______
one man
two _________
one church
two __________
9. Fill in the missing words showing the shortened or longer forms:
do not
I cannot ____________
____________ We’ll
I am _____________
10. Complete these words by adding the prefixes and suffixes:
I feel a bit ____happy.
That’s wonder_____ .
My money has _____appeared!
John runs quick____ .
11. Add speech marks to these sentences:
Tom shouted I cannot wait to go on holiday!
I am not feeling well, said Sally. My stomach.
12. Put the apostrophes in the correct place to show possession:
That is Jacks dog over there.
Angus car can go very fast.
It is the two brothers book.