CHM 254 Organic Lab Quiz 1 A Name____________________

CHM 254
Organic Lab
Week of 9/24/12
(30 points)
Quiz 1 A
1. (8 pt.) Naproxen and Ketoprofen are anti-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
a. Neither is soluble in water. Explain why this would be true.
b. What could you react with both of these compounds to make them more water soluble.
2. (4 pt.) Given the strength of hydrogen bonding compared to other dipole-dipole interactions, which of
the two compounds would have the smaller Rf value when developed on a silica gel TLC plate? Explain.
Vanillyl alcohol
3. (6 pt.) Calculate the Rf values for compounds A and B. Show your work.
4. (5 pt.) What two methods are used to visualize colorless non-fluorescent compounds on a TLC plate?
5. (7 pt.) Over time some organic compounds react with air (known as air oxidation). If this occurs for a
bottle originally containing a pure compound, what will happen to its melting point over time?