File - West Concord Public Charter School

West Concord Public Charter School
Meeting of the Board of Directors
Thursday, May 14th
6:00pm; at West Concord Public Charter School
Meeting Agenda
1. Open Meeting
2. Roll Call
3. Mission Review
Mission: West Concord Public Charter School provides a high quality education that empowers K-8 (K-6 for 14-15) students to
reach their maximum potential as global citizens, while building a strong foundation for self-direction, confidence and respect for
others and the environment.
Vision: Through the high quality education at WCPCS, students will be productive citizens who will improve the community in
which they live and work.
Purpose: To provide a high quality educational option in the West Concord area.
4. Additions to the agenda
5. Public Input
6. Approval of previous minutes (April)
a. Specifically including MDE Authority Person
7. Financials – Brenda from BKDA (April)
a. Approved revised 14-15 budget
b. Approve preliminary budget for 15-16
c. Transfer of payroll to CMERDC on May 29th
8. Approve Hiring’s and Contracts
a. Diana Kusick – SPED Paraprofessional
b. Brooke Amundson – Administrative Assistant
c. Traci Laferriere as new Business Manager
9. Policy Approvals
a. 483 (second read)
b. 833 (second read)
c. 210 (first read with required amendments)
d. 707 (first read with suggested amendments)
10. Marketing Updates
a. CD Video
b. Dinner Event Planning Update
c. 360 from Tara Lindquist
11. Election Results
a. Canvass results
b. New members are seated in July
12. Calendar of Events:
a. Personnel Committee performing Director’s Evaluation and Exit Interviews on
5-18-15 from 8:00am-11:00am
b. Federal Grant Monitoring on 5-20-15 from 1:00-4:00
c. Personnel Committee meeting for evaluations on 5-20-15 at 5:15pm
d. ISES Training on 5-21-15 for Board Members (Shallyn gone ½ day to attend
and Paula is her sub)
e. School Field Trip on 5-22-15 to Science Museum from 8:15-2:30
f. Piano Concert on 6-2-15 at 6:30pm
g. Kindergarten Graduation 6-3-15 at 1:30pm
h. Finance Meeting on 6-8-15 from 9:00-11:00
i. Marketing Meeting on 6-9-15 at 5:15
j. Preschool Meeting on 6-9-15 at 6:15
k. Owl Club Meeting on 6-11-15 at 5:00
l. Board Meeting on 6-11-15 at 6:00
13. Director’s Report
a. Possible Owl Kids PM Interested Persons?
b. Swimming – 5/29, 6/1, & 6/4
14. Board Chair’s Report
15. Next meeting is Thursday, June 11, 2015 at 6:00pm.
16. Adjourn