Believe what I do matters Visit Bethel AME Start dialogues with

Believe what I do matters
Visit Bethel AME
Start dialogues with people who look and think differently than I do
Find out where in Big Omaha that Syrian refugees are being served. I will volunteer
Befriend more people that don’t look like me – start public conversations!
Engaging in, interacting with an forming relationships with people who appear different than me
GENTLY educate friends and acquaintances when their displaying unconscious bias
Taking League of Women Voters brochures to my GED classes and ESL classes
Get involved in OTOC again
Connect with others from my church
Be aware of language I hear around racial justice/white privilege and be prepared to comment for
In segregated church encourage opportunities for children to engage with kids of other races
Encourage the discussion with friends, family about racial justice
Bring more church members into working in our food pantry
Call Vanessa to connect this week to build a more intentional community between west and north
Set a meeting with a person I met at this conference
Be intentional about discussing with grandchildren (10) to help them understand layers of racial injustice
and take them to events
Expand awareness in my work community and encourage action
Invite a diverse set of friends to my home to have a discussion about racial justice
Learn more about local politicians and vote
Invite family members to revise their ideas/relation between church and politics with the aim of getting
them out to vote
Start a discussion group at my church
Smile at each person I meet
Do more to understand white privilege
Mentor a youth
Continuing to engage my family about new things I am learning – even though it is difficult
Go to Inclusive Communities Table Talk on March 22
Joining a community organization
Write about anti-racist pedagogies
Continue mentoring youth in poverty, educating, equipping an empowering them to realize their talents
Network better and block for my running back!
Share and discuss ideas and issues in my everyday encounters to promote understanding and openness
to all people
Confer with other members from my faith community who attended about next steps. Inviting family to
table talk on March 22
Be intentional to expand my circle of friends to be more inclusive
Make a conscious effort to point out language that continues to perpetuate biases.
Join racial justice book club at my church
Email the training department at my organization to insist on more intensive/extensive diversity/social
justice training
Connect with people/communities not like mine Take seriously being a white ally – speaking more
intentionally with other white people about racism and injustice
Invite my very diverse neighbors to come together for a get acquainted cake and coffee.
Attend OTOC and bring a friend
Share more often with others the opportunities there are for action
Practice respect in conversation
Really talk with my black neighbors by inviting them to dinner at my house
Holding a meal in my home with diverse friends
I will talk to my son’s school about bias my son has seen in his teacher’s actions towards another student
Be an advocate
Go to OTOC Issues conference
Include the theme of full inclusiveness with all messages of LGBTQ inclusion in faith communities I
Get back involved in faith community
Share the opportunities I have found about with friends who want to do something
Educate more people with problems in latino communities
Work out a faithful imagination of inclusive love
Listen-be aware – learn – share
Engage empowerment network on OPS Education improvements
Be honest and transparent with my bias, Be strategic in how I expand my exposure and leaning to assure
accuracy of information
Discuss advocacy with friends and families to get more allies
Host and promote film discussion of A Time for Burning
No longer identify on forms as a race/caste category – human race
Anti-racism training at church and work