16. In October 1962 the United States and the Soviet Union came close to war
over the issue of Soviet
control of East Berlin
missiles in Cuba
support of the Ho Chi Minh regime in Vietnam
military support of the Marxist regime in Afghanistan
32. The Great Society programs of the 1960’s were primarily based on the idea that
A) American society was hopelessly flawed
B) the federal government should play an active role in promoting social welfare
C) the poor needed to work harder in order to succeed
D) the federal government lacked the authority to help the poor
The following question refers to the statement below.
We now know what we should have known then—not only was the evacuation wrong
but Japanese Americans were and are loyal Americans.
- Gerald R. Ford, 1976
45. The "evacuation" that Ford refers to directly affected
A) Japanese Americans and German Americans
B) Japanese citizens living on the East Coast
C) United States citizens of Japanese descent
D) Japanese soldiers serving in the United States Army
47. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Warsaw Pact are best
described as two
A) organizations founded by the European Economic Community to promote trade
between Europe and the United States
B) treaties negotiated between the Allies and the Central Powers at Versailles after
the First World War
C) bodies established by the United Nations to promote peace within multiethnic
European countries such as Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia
D) military organizations made up, respectively, of the United States and its allies and
the Soviet Union and its allies during the Cold War
49. The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (1964) was significant because it
A) ended the war in Korea
B) gave President Johnson the authority to expand the scope of the Vietnam War
C) was an attempt to take foreign policy power away from the President
D) allowed China to become a member of the United Nations
58. What statement about the widespread use of vaccines for smallpox and measles in
the United States is true?
A) The vaccines proved ineffective, and these diseases have continued to spread
B) Children caught smallpox and measles at a later age and suffered less from them.
C) The vaccines led to a dramatic decline in the death rate.
D) Controversy about the ethics of vaccination prevented their wide-scale acceptance
and adoption.
66. The cartoon above depicts United States frustration with
A) the Good Neighbor policy
B) Dollar Diplomacy
C) the Spanish-American War
D) the Bay of Pigs invasion
37 Which factor is most closely associated with
(1) buildup of Soviet missiles in Cuba
(2) fear of communist influence in the United
(3) rise of the Communist Party in China
(4) creation of the Warsaw Pact by the Soviet
[This question refers to a map of the US titled African American Migration 1240=1970]
38 The information on the map supports the conclusion that African American migration
between 1940 and 1970 was mainly from the
(1) urban areas to rural areas (3) Mountain states to the West Coast
(2) south to the north (4) Sun Belt to the Great Plains
39 Which development led to the other three?
(1) The United States government increased
funding for science and math education.
(2) The Soviet Union launched the Sputnik
(3) A joint Soviet-American space mission was
(4) President John F. Kennedy set the goal of
landing a man on the Moon.
40 Which development is most closely associated
with the belief in the domino theory?
(1) military involvement in Vietnam
(2) construction of the Berlin Wall
(3) signing of the nuclear test ban treaty
(4) end of the Korean War
41 Which statement most accurately describes the
main idea of this 1975 cartoon?
(1) The press should not publish materials that
damage the reputation of public officials.
(2) The government is improperly hiding
information from the public.
(3) Government should restrict the publication
of sensitive materials.
(4) Libraries are making too many government
reports open to the public.
42 The primary purpose of President Richard
Nixon’s policy of détente was to
(1) expand United States military involvement in
Southeast Asia
(2) assure an adequate supply of oil from the
Middle East
(3) ease tensions between the United States and
the Soviet Union
(4) maintain a favorable balance of trade with
47 “Eisenhower Sends U.S. Troops to Protect Lebanon”
“Kennedy Places Quarantine on Shipment of Soviet
Missiles to Cuba”
“Johnson Increases U.S. Troop Strength in Vietnam
by 125,000”
Which statement about the Cold War is illustrated
by these headlines?
(1) Rivalries between the superpowers often
involved conflicts in other nations.
(2) United States military support was most often
deployed in Europe.
(3) Communist forces were frequently victorious
in Asia.
(4) Summit talks frequently
48 Which list of wars that involved the United States
is in the correct chronological order?
(1) Vietnam War → War on Terrorism →
Korean War → World War II
(2) Korean War → World War II →
Vietnam War → War on Terrorism
(3) World War II → Vietnam War →
War on Terrorism → Korean War
(4) World War II → Korean War →
Vietnam War → War on Terrorism
General Questions from Regents
8 “Presidential Candidates Skip Campaigning in LowPopulation States”
“Winner Of Popular Vote Loses Election”
These headlines refer to controversial issues most
directly related to
(1) judicial review
(2) the electoral college
(3) impeachment
(4) checks and balances
11 An example of the use of the unwritten
constitution is the creation of the
(1) presidential veto
(2) United States Navy
(3) federal postal system
(4) president’s cabinet
5. Kent State University was the site in 1970 of which of the following events?
(A) A rock concert second only to the Woodstock concert in the number of attendees
(B) A highly publicized sit-in advocating women’s rights
(C) The first event in observance of Earth Day Which sought to increase public
awareness of environmental degradation
(D) An antiwar demonstration in which four students were killed by members of the
National Guard
(E) A demonstration by African American, Hispanic, and White students in support of
affirmative action that helped draw public attention to the issue
[the following question is about a picture showing an aerial view of a subdivision]
12. The 1950s picture above shows what some social critics believed to be
(A) the cause of decreased agricultural production
(B) tangible evidence of the strength of the nation’s largest citites
(C) a representation of the conformity of postwar culture
(D) the end of social and economic differentiation in housing
(E) a sign that Americans were becoming more tolerant of cultural differences
24. The Black Power movement of the late 1960s advocated that African Americans
(A) organize political parties sympathetic to communism
(B) establish African American communities in Africa
(C) seek the racial integration of northeastern cities
(D) establish control of their political and economic life
(E) assimilate into White society
25. The major objective of the antipoverty programs of Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society
was to
(A) break the cycle of poverty among poor people through education and job
(B) provide temporary benefits to the “new poor” during times of recession
(C) transfer the federal government’s responsibility for welfare back to the states
(D) simplify welfare by replacing job programs with cash grants for the poor
(E) build a socialist society in the United States
28. The National Organization for Women (NOW) was founded in 1966 in order to
(A) encourage women to believe in the “feminine mystique”
(B) challenge sex discrimination in the workplace
(C) oppose the proposed Equal Rights Amendment
(D) advocate restrictions on access to abortion
(E) advocate equal access for women to athletic facilities
37. The 1979 incident at Three Mile Island had which of the following effects?
(A) It intensified criticism of the Supreme Court.
(B) It intensified American Indian political activism.
(C) It forced the Untied States to reconsider the policy of “massive retaliation.”
(D) It increased public pressure to free the United States from dependence on
foreign energy sources.
(E) It increased support for the movement against nuclear power.
[the following question is about a political cartoon]
56. The central point of the 1960s cartoon above was that
(A) The public was more interested in foreign policy than in domestic reforms
(B) The President was more interested in domestic programs than in foreign policy
(C) Protesters were successfully challenging the goals of Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great
(D) Opposition to the Vietnam War improved Lyndon B. Johnson’s hopes for
(E) The cost of the Vietnam War limited the President’s ability to carry out domestic
65. The 1968 Tet Offensive was significant because it
(A) Showed that American soldiers were ill equipped to fight in the jungle
(B) Pressured North Vietnam to come to the bargaining table
(C) Convinced President Johnson to begin bombing Cambodia
(D) Reaffirmed popular support for the South Vietnamese government
(E) Led to increased antiwar sentiment in the United States
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