World Religion Study Sheet (V. Shields – Instructress

World Religion Study Sheet
(V. Shields – Instructress)
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You are to determine whether or not the following are true statements or false, and state the page #
of your answer.
Religions offer responses to fundamental questions concerning human existence. _______
Anyone who is spiritual is also considered to be religious. ________
All religions provide answers to the question of where we are ultimately going. _______
Monotheism is a belief that the divine reality exists in everything. _________
In nontheistic religions religious experience usually takes the form of mysticism. _______
All religious traditions emphasize the seven dimensions of religion equally. ________
The world’s religious tradition does not have anything in common._________
do not have anything in common.
Complete the following statements.
8. The basic dimensions of a religious tradition include __________________________________
9. The understanding of the nature of the universe is called_______________________________
10. Religion and science___________________________________________________________
11. A religion that does not hold a belief in a personal god or gods is________________________
12. The experience of the holy other is often characterized by_____________________________
13. Friedrich Max Müller noted that to know just one religion is to know _____________________
a. revelation
aa. ritual
b. mysticism
bb. empathy
c. transcendence
cc. pantheism
d. polytheism
e. ethical
The belief that God is in all.
___ 15. The dimension of religion that deals with how we are to act while living in the world.
___ 16. A formal worship practice, often re-enacting a myth.
___ 17. The transmission of the divine will or knowledge to human beings.
___ 18. The capacity for seeing things from another’s perspective.
19. The belief in many gods.
___ 20. The type of religious experience characterized by union with the divine through inward contemplation.
___ 21. The overcoming of the limitation imposed by the human condition.
Essay: On a separate sheet of paper respond to the following questions.
1. Name three of the primary religious questions. Choose one and describe the various issues
and concepts that might be part of the answers offered by religions.
2. What religious question concerns you most at this stage of you?
life? Why?
3. What is religious transcendence, and how does it relate to salvation?
4. Name at least five basic elements of a religious tradition. Give concrete examples of two of
these elements.