Acting as an Amateur Geographer Project

Acting as an Amateur Geographer Project
PowerPoint Presentation must include…
• At least 13 slides
• Pictures relevant to the slide
• Slides should not be too wordy
– PowerPoint is used as guide to your
• What are the major languages spoken in the region?
• What forms of government do they have?
• What rights do people in the region enjoy?
– If you are doing any region in the US, are there state
specific laws enforced?
Religions/ Belief Systems
• What are the main religions or belief systems?
• What beliefs do members of those religions share.
– For this information, make sure to create a graph of some
sort that shows the breakdown of all practiced religions
Urban/ Rural
• Do most people live in towns, cities or in the
• What are people’s homes like in the region?
• What type of architecture is there?
Family Relationships
• Do people have large or small families?
• How are their families organized?
Social Structure/ Wealth
• What social groups (classes) exist in the region?
• Is wealth concentrated or more evenly spread out?
Fashion, Literature, Art, and Music
• What are their fashions, literature, music and art
• Who are some important artists in that region?
• What is one famous magazine that is published in
that region?
• How do people educate their young?
• What do children learn at home or at school?
– If you are doing the US, make sure to research what types
of standardized tests (ex: STAAR in Texas) exist in that
– What major universities exist in your region?
Land Use
• How is land owned and shared?
• Is land used for farming, livestock or manufacturing?
Trading Networks
• What kinds of goods and serviced do people
• What items do they trade with those outside the
• What are the main minority groups in the region?
• How equally are men and women treated?
– For US, you should have some type of chart that depicts
this information.
– What is the income of a woman in relation to a man’s?
Current Event
• Using ESPN, provide a current event article
– What is happening with the
Economic aspect of your region?
Social aspect of your region?
Political aspect of your region?
eNvironment aspect of your region?
Display Board
• Map
– Physical and Political features
• Creativity
– The less white on board, the better
• Pictures
– 20 pictures minimum
• take into account all aspects such as Physical
Characteristics, Cultural Characteristics, etc.