File - English 10 Honors

Vocabulary List #4
1. Antediluvian
Of or relating to the period before the flood described in the Bible/ made,
evolved, or developed a long time ago
2. Denunciation
Expression of strong disapproval made openly or publicly
3. Desultory
Random; thoughtless; marked by a lack of plan or purpose
4. Diffidence
Shyness, lack of confidence
5. Plaudits
Applause; enthusiastic praise or approval
6. Prolix
Extended to great, unnecessary, or tedious length; long and wordy/ given to
speaking or writing a great or tedious length (of a person)
7. Taciturn
Habitually silent or quiet, inclined to talk very little
8. Terse
Brief and to the point
9. Vilify
To defame, or say vile things about someone
10. Voluble
Ability to use words easily, fluent and glib