Social Worker (non




Position Title: Social Worker

Program: Student Services

General Purpose:

Under the general direction of the Clinical or Program Director, to assess the clinical needs of adolescent students with social/emotional problems and to plan and execute intervention and treatment strategies.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


Performs diagnostic evaluations of students with social/emotional problems and designs comprehensive treatment and intervention plans for students and their families.


Provides individual, group and family therapy for adolescent students with social/emotional problems. Provides crisis intervention as needed and serves as an advocate for the individual and family.


Provides case management services to ensure that treatment plans are being followed. Ensures that all case histories are recorded and disseminated to appropriate parties. Interacts with Department of Children and Families, courts, probation and parole departments and other community based providers for input to case histories. Prepares progress reports, reviews progress of treatment plans with members of a multidisciplinary team.


Provides leadership and assistance to other members of a multidisciplinary team. Provides on- call coverage for programmatic needs, consultation and crisis intervention. Works cooperatively with residential and educational staff in providing services to individuals and families. Provides case histories and other relevant information to help team members understand causes and effects of students’ behaviors.


Provides liaison services among families, Department of Children and Families, hospitals, clinics, boards of education, courts and attorneys. Establishes open communication between families and referring agencies to ensure that families understand purpose of placements, DCF’s role, and the relevance of treatment plans and strategies.


Maintains timely and accurate documentation of clients/contacts in accordance with accreditation standards.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Requires a MS degree in social work, psychology or related clinical discipline plus at least two years experience in a residential, clinical or hospital setting which addresses the clinical needs of adolescents with social/emotional problems and their families, or equivalent combination of education and experience. Requires a high level of knowledge and specialized skills to address complex and multifaceted clinical needs of the target population. Must be familiar with various approaches to psychiatric treatment such as ego psychology, reality-based therapy, cognitive approaches, behavioral approaches and structural/systemic therapy. Must have an understanding of the field of psychiatry and the benefits and disadvantages of medication. Driver’s license and CT. certification needed. Public Service License preferred.


None .

Working Conditions


These statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed rather than give an exhaustive list of all duties and responsibilities.

Date: 3/11/98