Music SMSC statement

To experience the power of
music to move and inspire
pupils and to develop a
general love and
appreciation for the art.
To appreciate the selfdiscipline required to learn
to sing and to use their
voices, to create and
compose music on their
own and with others, have
the opportunity to learn a
musical instrument, use
technology appropriately
and have the opportunity to
progress to the next level of
musical excellence.
Celebrating musical
achievements both in and
out of school.
Appreciating and
understanding the music of
other cultures.
Interacting with the wider
community through
performances at school,
the local community and on
touring excursions.
To listen with increasing
discrimination to a wide
range of music from great
composers and musicians
and to develop a
deepening understanding
of the music that they
perform and to which they
listen, and its history.
To give opportunities for
pupils to showcase talent
as musicians, and so
increase their selfconfidence, creativity and
sense of achievement.
To understand and explore
how music can change
moods and behaviour
through the use of interrelated dimensions.
To understand and
appreciate how music is
created, produced and
communicated using
appropriate musical
To appreciate and
understand a wide range of
musical contexts and styles
in society and to see how
music can cause conflict
and differences of opinion.
Appreciating how music is
used in different ways in
different settings e.g. for
pleasure, for worship, to help
people relax.