Application to become an Ambassador

According to the National Commission on Children, “At-risk students often lack the rudiments of basic
health care and quality education. Almost always, they lack hope, they lack dreams, and they lack a vision of
what their lives can become and the support and guidance to make it a reality.” Program Evaluation and
Research Collaborative discovered that the implementation of yoga programs into youth centered schools
could produce positive outcomes and the correlation between yoga and improved behavior as well as
physical health, and academic performance was statistically very significant.
In a recent research study on the Sean O’Shea Foundation they found there was an increase on restoration
of confidence, emotional stability, lowered anxiety levels, and an increase on peaceful attitude. In addition,
our surveys from school psychologists, administrators, probation officers and after school directors shared
what researchers are saying about mindful practices in schools: The kids GPA’s are improving, school
attendance is improving, tardiness is decreasing, and referral notices were dramatically decreasing. We
found that mindful practices were redirecting attention, improving concentration, increasing self-control,
combating dropout and incarceration rates as well as post traumatic stress disorders and numerous other
societal problems that cost the US economy trillions of dollars a year!
You can help bring our nutrition and mindful practices to your local at-risk youth by offering yoga classes
or workshops to benefit the Sean O’Shea Foundation. Send us your application and information and we will
post it on our website and Facebook and email blasts (See Ambassador benefits flyer). All proceeds from
your fundraising classes benefit the Sean O’Shea foundation youth programs and at-risk youth of San Diego
County. Follow the steps below and please feel free to contact Gloria O’Shea directly with any questions.
Select dates for the classes or workshop, promote the classes/workshop to your community, and send us
any information we might need to advertise the class and gain publicity for your studio. We will send you
SOSF information pamphlets to hand out to your students (We find it most effective to hand these out
weeks before the scheduled class). Please complete the section below and submit to the foundation by
emailing [email protected] or slow mail to: 3397 Hollowtree Drive, Oceanside, CA 92058.
How often would you like to offer a yoga class or workshop to benefit SOSF and the at-risk youth that we serve?
Once a Month
Every other Month
Semi Annually
Name of studio
Name of studio owner or contact
Studio address
City, State, Zip code
Date & Time of the class(s)/workshop(s)
Who will be teaching each class? (760) 453-9924 *[email protected]
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