File - Fifth Grade!

November 2015
3) At the Crayola
4) There are 1,050
5) Ervin biked four
6) Mrs. Smith ran
7) During the storm, 1.226
factory, 24 crayons
are packed in a box.
If a crate has 4,598
boxes, then how
many crayons are in
25 crates?
JYJ students taking a
field trip to see
Hurricanes game.
The buses seat 55
people each. How
many buses will they
need to transport all
of the students?
hundredth sixty-two and
seventy-one thousandths
miles in one month. Kahlil
biked four hundred sixtytwo and nine hundredths
miles in one month.
A) Who biked further?
B) What is the total miles
that they both biked in one
0.86 miles on Monday
and 2.1 miles on
Tuesday. Trevor ran
10 times more than
the total of what Mrs.
Smith ran on those
two days. How far
did Trevor run?
inches of rain fell in
Raleigh and 1.262 inches
fell in Cary.
a)Which town received
more rain?
b)How much more?
c)Express the difference in
expanded form using
powers of 10.
9) Two hundred ten
11) Use yesterday’s
12) Fill in the blank:
13) Round the
14) The perimeter of a
fifth graders
participated in the
Raleigh Race for the
Cure. The participants
are asked to line up in
rows of 15 each for a
photo. How many rows
did they create for the
Mrs. Arch wants to bake
muffins for her
students. She has 56
students and she would
like each student to
receive 4 muffins each.
How many muffins does
Mrs. Arch need to bake
for her students?
Mrs. Arch needs to buy
muffin tins to bake her
muffins. Each tin can
bake 10 muffins at a
time. How many tins
will she need to
purchase to bake all of
her muffins?
a…Multiply by ___ to
change 70 to 70,000
b…Multiply by ___ to
change 5 to 0.5
c…Multiply by ___ to
change 35.2 to 3520
d…Multiply by ___ to
257 to 0.257
e…Multiply by ___ to
change 6,500 to 650
following to the
nearest whole
a) 25,908.2
b) 7.097
c) 99,999.2
d) 9.32
trapezoid is 13.589 mm.
The measurements of
the sides are 5.4 mm.,
2.09 mm., and 3.999
mm. What is the
measurement of the
fourth side?
18) A regular pentagon 19)
At the track meet, the
fastest time for the
400 meter dash was
52.008. The slowest
time was 56.9
seconds. How much
time passed between
the fastest runner
and the slowest
a) Find the sum of 799.098
and 4.003.
b) Round the above sum to
the nearest hundredth.
a) Find the difference of
72.98 and 4.003.
b) Round the above
difference to the nearest
has a side that
measures 3.079 mm.
What is the perimeter of
this regular pentagon?
a) Compare the digit “9” in
0.09 to the digit “9” in 90.
b)Compare the digit “2” in
200 to the “2” digit in 0.2
has a perimeter of 28.27
mm. The non-congruent
side measures 10.37 mm.
What is the measurement
of each of the other two
congruent sides?
students that want to go to
the movies. Each movie
ticket costs $7.95 per
person. What is the total
cost for the movie tickets?
25) NO CQ
26) NO CQ
27) NO CQ
28) NO CQ
1) Destiny picked
18.342 pounds of
apples. Evan picked
18.9 pounds of apples.
a/ Whose apples
weighed more?
b/ How much more?
c/ Express the
difference in expanded
form using powers of
Mariana bought 12
boxes of lights to
decorate her room.
Each box has 125
lights. How many
lights did Mariana
a) A logo for a pizza
parlor is shaped like an
equilateral triangle.
Name two other ways
this equilateral triangle
may be classified.
b) The perimeter of the
above triangle is 81 mm.
What is the
measurement of each
The area of a
23) Find the product of
rectangular building is 2.3 and 9.8.
3,612 feet. The width is
86 feet. What is the
29)NO CQ
Write the following number
in standard form:
45 tens
13 ones
Find the product of
23 and 0.2
20) An isosceles triangle 21) There are 107