Curriculum Outline - Oldbury Wells School


KS4 Geology Curriculum Plan 2014-15

WJEC GCSE Specification

Year 10

Contents summary

Rock exposures contain evidence of how the rocks were formed and subsequently


Rock exposures are formed of minerals, rocks and fossils

Minerals are formed in a number of geological environments

Sedimentary rocks are formed by a range of surface processes in a

variety of environments

Igneous rocks and processes

Metamorphic rocks and processes

Geological Structures

Rock exposures contain evidence of the sequence of geological

events that formed and deformed them

The character of the landscape contains evidence of the relationship between past and

present processes and the underlying geology

The landscape is subject to processes of weathering, erosion and transportation

Valley shapes generally reflect the mode of their formation

Landforms often reflect underlying geological structure

Modification of the landscape by human activity is often influenced by the underlying geology

Important rock exposures should be conserved

Some major concepts underpin our current understanding of the Earth

Rock cycle

Plate tectonics

Global temperature/sea level change

Major geological events fit into a timeline, beginning with the formation of the Earth

The origin and development of life

The British area moved from south of the Equator to its present position over geological time

Earth events occur frequently and are commonly reported in the media

Earth hazards

Human impacts on climate change

Great fossil finds


Professional geoscientists use a variety of investigational skills in their work

Oil/gas prospecting

Mining/mineral prospecting


Environmental geoscience

Geotechnical work

Academic research geologist

26 hours per group in each area over the academic year.

Year 9 -



Design skills

Practical skills



Contents summary

The design and manufacture of a decorated fashion garment

Introduction of materials and components –source, fibres, yarns

Equipment names

Design skills

Practical skills

Resistant Materials


Design skills

Practical skills

Analysis of and industrial brief

Developing creativity

Designing for transfer printing process

Planning for an end user

Evaluation using consumer views

Introduction and use of basic textiles equipment

Manipulation of materials to create a useable end product.