4/7/2014 Approval by Mail: CTF Ukraine: Sustainable Energy

Approval by Mail: CTF Ukraine: Sustainable Energy Lending Facility Replenishment
Dear Patricia,
Thank you for the opportunity to review and comment on the request for a CTF
allocation of EUR 20.0 million in concessional loans and USD 0.5 million. We support
the request for CTF financing related to the project proposal for a sustainable energy
lending facility replenishment in the Ukraine. We are pleased that the first phase of this
project has been operating well and delivering strong results, in addition to exhibiting
high demonstration potential, and we look forward to continued positive results. We also
note that the technical assistance component has good potential to be used for the
necessary adaptation of the legal framework and the harmonization of Ukraine's energy
legislation with the existing EU one.
We would appreciate further insight from the EBRD on the outlook for the country's
banking sector, in particular the lending appetite and the medium-term prospects for
long-term commercial financing and project finance. In addition, the project proposal
indicates that the EBRD is seeking to mobilize either an IFI partner or local commercial
institutions to co-finance some of the projects under this facility. We would appreciate
further information on the indicative financing plan, in terms of the availability of funds
from other donors.
We look forward to receiving a response from the EBRD.
Best regards,
Jennifer Purves
Senior Analyst | Analyste principal
Global Environment and Climate Finance | Programmes de financement climatique et
environnemental mondial
Global Issues and Development Branch | Direction générale des Enjeux mondiaux et du
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