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Algebra Section 2-3 Homework
Inequality Word Problems – Day 2
For each problem define the variables, write an equality, and answer the question.
1. Mike wants to rent a car for his vacation. The rental car costs $125 a week plus
$.15 a mile. How far, to the nearest mile, can Mike travel if he wants to spend at
most $200?
2. Ken has 22 coins, some of which are dimes and the rest are quarters. Altogether
the coins are worth more than $3.40. At least how many of the coins are quarters?
At most how many of the coins are dimes?
3. The sum of 3 consecutive even integers is more than 60 decreased by twice the
smallest integer. What are the three smallest integers possible?
4. A rectangle has a length of 10 cm and a width of 16  2x . Find the possible values
of x if the area is less than 60 cm 2 .
5. The sum of the smallest integer and 3 times the next consecutive integer is at most
42. Find the two largest integers possible.
6. A mechanic earns $20 an hour, but 25% of his earnings are deducted for taxes and
insurance. What is the least number of hours the mechanic must work in order to
have no less than $450 in after tax income?
7. The length of a rectangle is y  5 . The width of the rectangle is 2 units greater
than its length. Solve for y if the perimeter of the rectangle does not exceed 54
8. A coin bank contains only nickels, dimes and quarter. There are twice as many
nickels as dimes and half as many quarters as dimes. Find the greatest possible
number of each coin, if the value does not exceed $2.80