Name ____________________________________ Date ___________________ Algebra I - Pd ____

Name ____________________________________
Algebra I - Pd ____
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Word Problems Review
1..Two cars leave from SFP at 1pm. One drives West at a rate of 71mph and the other drives
East at a rate of 64 mph. At what time will they be 438.75 miles apart?
2. A 30-minute phone call costs $4.49. Introductory minutes cost $.19/min and additional
minutes cost $.08/min. How many introductory minutes were there?
3. The perimeter of a rectangle is 80cm. The length is 4 more than triple the width. Find the
dimensions of the rectangle.
4. The area of one face of a cube is 169ft2? What is the perimeter of one face of the cube?
What is the area of the entire cube?
5. Find 5 consecutive numbers such that the sum of the 2nd and 4th is 56.
6. A store sells hotdogs for $4.25 and hamburgers for $5.50. Last week the store sold 26 more
hamburgers than twice the amount of hotdogs. Total sales for the week were $3,376. How many
of each were sold?
7) A jar of change has $55.80. There are 4 less nickels than triple the amount of dimes, and 8
more quarters than double the amount of dimes. How many nickels, dimes and quarters are in
the jar? (there are no pennies)
8) Find five consecutive numbers such that 3 times the first is 127 less than the sum of the 3rd
and 4th numbers.