CONNECT (submission 1) - Province of British Columbia

Dear Minister McRae,
Please accept the attached as our formal submission to your Ministry’s consultation on issues impacting
people living with disabilities. Let me start by offering our congratulations for undertaking this
important initiative. As one of the leading providers of outcome driven treatments for those British
Columbians with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), CONNECT is very supportive of your initiative and is looking
forward to participating.
CONNECT has been delivering services to people with ABI in partnership with Interior Health for more
than five years. This partnership has demonstrated both superior outcomes and cost effectiveness over
that period and our model for services and supports has recently been accepted for evaluation by the
provincial Core Review process.
Our innovative, collaborative and economically sound approach is making lives better for British
Columbians with disabilities. Residents are dramatically exceeding expectations, successfully redesigning
their realities, and regularly accessing the community to maintain and build relationships. CONNECT
offers a way for people with brain injury to live independently and reduce dependency on the health
care system.
CONNECT fits perfectly within British Columbia’s vision of becoming the national leader for people living
with disabilities. This vision can only be achieved by respecting and reflecting the needs and wants of
people living with disabilities in British Columbia while, at the same time, continuing to meet your
government’s financial objectives. In British Columbia, 160,000 people live with the impact of brain
injury, making ABI the largest disabler of British Columbians under the age of 45.
CONNECT strongly believes its approach to ABI service delivery offers a better way because
Makes Lives Better - For 20 years, CONNECT services and supports have
transformed hundreds of individuals by helping people redesign their lives, build
interdependent relationships and gain independence outside of long-term care.
Provides a Focused Solution – CONNECT’s unique culture and services focus
specifically on the enormous potential of people with ABI to recover and build
independent lives. By leveraging neuroplasticity, emphasizing accountability and
seeking relevant personal outcomes, CONNECT transitions people out of the
system and helps them lead the best possible lives while in the system.
Delivers Undeniable Economics – Transitioning people to more independence
saves an astounding amount of money over time as compared to a lifetime in
care. CONNECT permanently reduces costs rather than embedding them.
Please see the attachments for more information about CONNECT. You will also find CONNECT’s
submission to the BC Government’s Core Review. CONNECT is seeking to have its proven approach
made available for people living with ABI throughout the province so the successful outcomes and cost
efficiencies delivered for Interior Health can be replicated throughout British Columbia.
CONNECT’s model touches every aspect of the Disability White Paper discussion points: Innovation,
Personal Supports, Work and Contribution, Housing and Accessibility, Social Networks and Asset
We very much look forward to presenting to your committee in Victoria.
Patti Flaherty, President and COO