Group Process Reflection
Katrina Lampman
NURS 340
Ferris State University
Group Process Reflection
Leadership and influence, motivation, and collaboration are three areas, of many, that are
important to accomplish a group project. This paper focuses on these three areas that are of the
most important to me in order to complete a group project.
Group Analysis
My group consisted of five members. Four of these members, all female, have worked
on group assignments in other nursing classes. The fifth member of the group was male and it
was nice to have a male perspective. I was chosen as the group leader due to my organizational
skills and have been an effective group leader on past work groups. My organizational skills
were lacking on this group project due to personal issues that had developed during the semester.
It was hard for me to focus on school work. In spite of that, all members of the group were
understanding and were able to work together to complete the assignment. I was proud to work
with a great bunch of people.
Areas of Importance
Leadership and Influence
Cangemi & Miller (2007, p. 404) defines leadership as “showing a greater genuine
concern for others than for ourselves as we obtain our goals. We believe we get back what we
give.” As I stated earlier, I was the leader of the group. The definition of leadership stated
above does not fall into the description of me as a leader for this assignment. Personal issues
came up and one of the other members of the group stepped up and took over the leadership role
without being asked. I was very much thankful for that. She motivated me by asking me
questions frequently about the topic we chose, which encouraged me to complete my assigned
tasks. She would have been a more appropriate leader for this group project.
Motivation is an important aspect of leadership in order to encourage the group to
complete tasks. According to the Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 10th
Edition (2013), the definition of motivation is “the act or an instance of motivating, or providing
with a reason to act in a certain way”. I was not a very good motivator for this group project. I
had personal issues that interfered with me being an effective leader. Due to my lack of
motivation, the timeline that was set in the Gantt chart was not met. The power point assignment
was completed on time, but I felt rushed getting all slides put together.
For collaboration to be effective, it is essential to respect the abilities and appreciate the
contributions of the members of the group. In addition, active listening is an important skill
when working with others (Harkness & DeMarco, 2012, p. 150). Each member of my work
group listened to each other and respected each other’s ideas. Collaboration is an important part
of teamwork to accomplish a goal.
As you can see from this paper, leadership and influence, motivation, and collaboration
are three areas important to me in accomplishing a group project. I learned that those in
leadership roles may have struggles at times and their subordinate’s need to be understanding
and chip in to help if the need arises. Groups of people need to work together to accomplish a
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