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Permanent Address:Flat No 2, General
Wahabi, Building #5, Ibrahim Al kartabi
Street, Hai ul Wazarat, Riyadh KSA
[email protected]
To build a long-term career as an RF Engineer with opportunities for career and personal growth, and to use my
skills in the best possible way for achieving the company’s goals.
NED University of Engineering & Technology
3rd position in second year and 5th in third year
Pakistan International School Riyadh, KSA
Overall position in Riyadh
Pakistan International School Riyadh, KSA
(Telecom Engg.)
2006 HSSC Federal board
2004 SSC Federal board
93 %(In Final Year)
A-1 Grade
A Grade
RF Engineer at Rize Consultancy.
Zain-Huawei Managed Services Project from (Dec 2011 to present.)
Presently working as part of Huawei NPM Team at Zain KSA as 3G RF Performance and Optimization
My Major responsibilities include: Daily post activity performance Benchmarking and measures to improve
the Major contractual Radio KPIs in order to meet the SLAs such as CSSR, DCR Voice/R-99, HSPA
accessibility and retain ability, IRAT HO, Cell SHO, Voice AMR traffic, R99 and HSPA traffic and Network
availability, to ensure that the Overall Network Quality and Performance is improving. Finding worst cells
and locating congested (CE/IUB/Power/Code) clusters/cells in the Network/RNCs. And then taking actions
such as Neighbor, Parameter and Network Audit, escalations, providing suggestions to the customer so as
to improve their degraded KPIs and Performance. Also providing Daily traffic trend/forecasting analysis
Reports, Daily NW/RNC/Cluster/cell Level 3G/HSPA RAN performance and performance improvement
Reports to Zain. 3G Radio Traffic Analysis including AMR, R99 and HSPA traffic of all the Huawei-Zain
Network and to ensure that the Network traffic is increasing and Customer is not dropping off any revenue
due to Radio Network Degradations. Also involved in new feature, formulae and parametric trials to
improve User perception, experience and Network Quality.
RF Engineer at LCC International Inc (January 2011-to August 2012).
AT&T, USA 2G/3G/4G post processing and optimization project:
2G & 3G Post Processing and reporting for AT&T USA using Actix Analyzer and MapInfo. Analyzing and
Bench Marking GSM & UMTS parameters (RxLev, RxQual, EcIo, EcNo, RSCP, RSSI, RxLev Scanner, RSCP
Scanner, Mean UL/DL Throughput, Active and Monitored sets).
Generation of Voice & Data Benchmarking Reports for Telcos in USA (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile).
Producing comparative analysis charts, tables and map plots for Accessibility, Retainability and
Reliability along with other network KPIs and metrics for both Voice and Data.
Telenor (Norway)-Huawei Brain RAN 3G/4G (LTE) swap project:
Pre & Post Swap DT Reports for Cluster Acceptance for Telenor Norway Brain RAN Project using TEMS
Investigation 11. The project aims to swap existing sites in Norway by Huawei Single RAN solution for easy
evolution to LTE. Frequently used tools like Actix & MapInfo.
T-Mobile USA National T1 Disconnect Project:
Also at present working remotely as a part of LCC USA transport networks offshore team from 15 th May
2011 on T-Mobile USA National T1 Disconnect Project of Abis and IUB interfaces for up gradation to HSPA
and LTE Ethernet transport Network, Ensuring the disconnection of Cell site circuits assigned to me, Using
Verizon and AT&T carrier gateway and Access tools and services. Also expert in Network Database
management, T-Mobile Granite 6.3 Certified Engineer.
Started my Career with LCC from drive testing on Ufone-Huawei and Telenor Pakistan-NSN North region
GSM Networks and PTCL-ZTE CDMA network, for the purpose of optimization. Got exposure to Huawei BTS
3900, BSC 6900 with RAN performance parameters and counters, and RF parameters like Rx Levels, Rx
Qual, MAIO/HSN, Neighbor Audit and Parameter Audit.
Took trainings on Network Planning including Site planning, Frequency planning and Capacity planning.
Understanding and extensive knowledge on LTE Radio Network Parameters, key Radio technologies,
LTE radio design principles, LTE RF optimization and LTE field trials, as acquired through several
RF Trainee Engineer at Huawei Pakistan with RNP/O team of Augere (Qubee) WiMax Project,
from July to December 2010.
Understanding of OFDMA ,MIMO and WiMax technology, Huawei DBS3900 BTS and RRUs, performed
cluster level and site level Drive Testing of WiMax Sites, Worked on Planning and Optimization tools
such as Map info, Xcal, Xcap and Atoll for RSSI and CINR analyses and physical Optimization.
NOC Internee at Mobily Huawei Transmission (NOC) in Riyadh KSA from June to July 2010.
Hands on experience on SDH and Huawei Fiber Transmission Network OSN 1500/3500/7500 and
ADMs, also got familiar with T-2000 interface for monitoring and configuring the transmission Network
Nodes within the Kingdom.
Lab Internee at United Mobile Pakistan in December- January 2009-2010,
Gaining hands on experience of their laboratories. Studied Mobile Phone Architecture of Nokia, Ericsson,
Motorola, Hands on experience in Level 1 to 3 Maintenance.
Engineering Internee at PTCL from June to July 2009,
Visited PCM, ITMC SEA MEWE 3 &4 terminals, Internet and Telephone Exchange. Studied E1s and T1s,
Digital Switching, Multiplexing of E1s, SDH, Copper and Optical Transmission, Cabling and Network
Designed and implemented Voice and data networks using Zigbee in 2.4 GHz band, as Final Year Project.
The designing Included Hardware and PCB designing, Implementation also required Embedded C
programming of Hardware Modules. The project imparted deep understanding of dynamics associated with
2.4 GHz RF band, structuring of Zigbee protocol stack and Adhoc Networking essentials
Assisted Mr. Mohammad Ali Baig lecturer at NED University on the research project Audio Signal
Analyzer & Conditioner Using Mat lab. Generated simulations and codes for GUI and Signal Processing
and Filtering.
Proficient in use of Map Info, XCAP, XCAL,TEMS, Actix, ATOLL, M2000 and MOS5200
Good communication and management skills.
Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office, including Excel, Access, Power point, Word.
Experience in working on Multisim, MATLAB, Embedded C Keil Complier.
Member of marketing team of the NEDUET’s Telecommunication Department’s magazine CommuniCat.
Member of the Event Management team responsible for organizing the Digital Innovation Competition and
Exhibition (DICE) 2008 at NED University and Sentec Quiz.
Conducted a session “Telecom Engineering as a Career” at NED University.
Father’s Name:
Date of Birth:
Iqama No:
Syed Tahir Ali
October 9th, 1987
Available on request