LTE modeling


Project 2

Modeling of a LTE system

Formal Method

Fall 2010

What is LTE?

• The Long Term Evolution (LTE) radio communication is the upgrade of the current

3G mobile technology with a more complex protocol in order to enable very high data rates.

LTE overview

LTE references





Paper and PPT slides




Modeling LTE


• We are going to construct the user side and LTE side models to simulate the EMM and ECM behavior

– Go and see the website to understand the structures of the EMM and

ECM of LTE, then try to model the behavior of them by constructing models using our reblib tool, pathg .

– Try to figure out the operation of it.

– To describe the LTE, the more detailed the better.

EMM state model

• EMM state model in UE

• EMM state model in MME

ECM state model

• ECM state model in UE

• ECM state model in MME

Get pathg


• Try to learn how to use it.


Send TA an .zip archive


– Your model file

– A .pptslide (2~3 pages) about how your model works