LTE modeling


Project 2 Modeling of a LTE system

Formal Method Fall 2010

What is LTE?

The Long Term Evolution (LTE)

radio communication is the upgrade of the current 3G mobile technology with a more complex protocol in order to enable very high data rates.

LTE overview

LTE references

• • • website connection.html mobility-and-connection-management.html

• • Paper and PPT slides SAE_Overview_Sep06.pdf

Modeling LTE

• management-and-connection.html

• We are going to construct the user side and LTE side models to simulate the EMM and ECM behavior – Go and see the website to understand the structures of the EMM and ECM of LTE, then try to model the behavior of them by constructing models using our reblib tool,



– – Try to figure out the operation of it.

To describe the LTE, the more detailed the better.

EMM state model

• EMM state model in UE • EMM state model in MME

ECM state model

• ECM state model in UE • ECM state model in MME

Get pathg

• • Try to learn how to use it.


Send TA an .zip archive

Contains: – Your model file – A .pptslide (2~3 pages) about how your model works