North Prairie Alumni Scholarship Application

Winthrop Harbor Schools’ Alumni
Scholarship Application
If you attended Winthrop Harbor School District for your entire K-8 schooling, and are
ranked in the top 20% (but not ranked 1-5) of the 2015 ZBTHS graduating class you are
eligible for this award.
The monetary value of this award averages @ $300. It fluctuates since it is based on
donations from the faculty and staff of District #1. Please complete the required
information and return this form, no later than March 20, 2015, to: Mrs. Ronda Nissen,
c/o North Prairie Jr. High, 500 North Ave., Winthrop Harbor, IL 60096. (It may be
dropped off at the Jr. High office if that is convenient)
Name ___________________________________________
College planning to
Class Rank ________
In 100 words or less respond to this question: How do the lessons and experiences of
your elementary education reflect who you are today?