Via Anggraini 10002116 Thesaurus Based Concept Enlargement

Via Anggraini
Thesaurus Based Concept Enlargement
1. Looking for translation
a. Pendidikan
: Education
Education is the process of teaching or learning in a school or college, or the
knowledge that you get from this. ( Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary ).
b. Bahasa
: Language
Language is the process of teaching or learning in a school or college, or the
knowledge that you get from this. ( Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary ).
c. Teknologi
: Technology
Tecnology is the study and knowledge of the practical, especially industrial, use of
scientific discoveries. ( Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary ).
d. Informasi
: Information
Information is facts about a situation, person, event, etc. ( Cambridge Advanced
Learner’s Dictionary ).
e. Komunikasi
: Communication
Communication is the act of communicating with people. ( Cambridge Advanced
Learner’s Dictionary ).
2. Finding synonyms using a thesaurus
a. Education :
Teaching, learning, schooling, tutoring, instruction , edification culture, lessons,
instruction coaching, training ,schooling, philosophy, ideas, principles, beliefs
,thinking, credo, doctrine ,teach, knowledge, erudition, scholarsip,wiadom, learn,
teaching, introsuction, tutoring, order ,command.
b. Language :
Words, speech, talking ,words, dialect, speech, tongue, idiom, lingo ,dialect, patois
vernacular, verbal communication, vocalizations ,discourse ,oral ,communication,
native, tongue, lecture, oration, talk, discourse, address, talk, discourse ,speaking,
lecture,oration, talk.
c. Technology :
Tools,skill ,knowledge ,expertise ,know-how , machinery ,equipment, ability talent
cleverness,dexterity, expertise, handiness, knack ,flair ,competence, knack, aptitude
,capability, facility, information, facts, data ,gen, acquaintance, familiarity ,awareness
,understanding ,experience.
d. Information :
In order, in sequence ,renseignement, indication, in rank, nouvelle, in turn
renseignement, indication, confidence ,indice, note ,annonce, fairepartn
,renseignement, gazette, revue ,quotidien, magazine, journal, mode.
e. Communication:
Message, communiqué, announcement, statement, letter ,e-mail, phone call, contact,
exchange, of ideas ,interaction, consultation, transfer, transmission, memo,
memorandium, note, letter,meaning, significiance.
3. Make sentences
a. Real education ultimately limited to the people who insist on knowing, the rest is
just herding sheep.
b. good language is a language that has a well-mannered.
c. Teaching the children is the same as teaching our self about patience
d. Learning curve is so steep getting to be equally productive when moving from
another us to Linux can be daunting.
e. Learning without thinking is useless, thinking without learning is dangerous.
f. A man must be a d—d fool, who can't spell a word more than one way.
My children's mother tongue my three children's mother tongue is British sign
h. Women are the simple, and poets the superior, artisans of language... the
intervention of grammarians is almost always bad.
i. Talking about personal responsibility when more and more of our people are
being driven into means-tested dependency.
j. A skill is the learned capacity to carry out pre-determined results often with the
minimum outlay of time, energy, or both. In other words the abilities that one
k. Knack is a Belgian (Flemish) weekly newsmagazine covering local news, politics,
sports, business, jobs, and community events.
l. Ideas are often construed as representational images.
m. However his trustees lacked the know-how to put these charitable wishes into
n. Apple won in rank of best seller product.
o. The most useful piece of tutoring for the uses of life is to unlearn what is untrue
p. Many people need phone call,every where they use it.
q. In music, the term note has two primary.
r. A written element of an alphabet that represents a single phoneme is latter
s. Writing style that i found very easy to read, even for long periods.