Vocab 22

convey (kuhn VAY) vt. 1. to carry from one place to another; transport; 2. to act as a channel or medium for; 3.
to make known.
• The van conveyed Gerri’s furniture to her new home.
conviction* (kuhn VIK shin) n. 1. the finding that a person is guilty of a crime; 2. a strong belief
• The criminal’s conviction was for shoplifting.
coop* (KOOP) n. a small cage, pen, or building for keeping poultry;—vt. to confine as in coop up
• Some of the chickens have gotten out of the coop.
corroborate* (kur AHB ir AYT) vt. to back up the correctness of; to confirm; to support; to bolster
• Willa corroborated Kim’s location at the time in question.
cosmopolitan (KAHZ muh PAH li tn) adj. 1. representative of a wide area of the world; not local or provincial;
2.embodying worldly sophistication; fashionable; urbane
• Max’s world travels have given him a cosmopolitan outlook.
couch (KOWCH) vt. 1. to lower (a spear, lance,etc.) to attack position; 2. to put in certain or specific words or
phrases; express
• The general’s warning was couched in barely veiled threats.
counterfeit (KOWN toer fit) adj. imitation of something real to deceive or defraud;—n. a copy made to
purposely deceive; forgery; —vt. 1. to make an imitation of money, pictures, etc.
• The counterfeit Van Gogh you bought yesterday for $40 is very well done but definitely not rare.
courage (KUR ij) n. the quality of bravery; fearlessness; valor
• Having the courage of one’s convictions means being brave enough to do what one believes is the right thing.
creation (kree AY shin) n. 1. a coming into existence or a causing to come into existence; 2. the whole universe;
all the world;
• The creations of DaVinci’s mind were ahead of their time.
creative (kree AY tiv) adj. 1. able to invent or discover; 2. imaginatively deceptive
• The plan was the result of the general’s creative powers.
creature (KREE chir) n. 1. anything created, whether animate or inanimate; 2. A living thing; a human being
(often used in a patronizing, demeaning, or endearing manner)
• Danielle was predictable, being a creature of habit.
crisis (KRY sis) n. 1. the turning point of an illness for better or for worse; 2. A very painful attack of illness; 3.
a time of great danger or trouble
• Alessandra’s fever declined after the crisis had passed.
1. convey
2. conviction
3. coop
4. corroborate
5. cosmopolitan
6. couch
7. counterfeit
8. courage
9. creation
10. creative
11. creature
12. crisis
a. dependent
b. invention
c. urbane
d. artistic
e. valor
f. emergency
g. confine
h. express
i. transport
j. confirm
k. certainty
l. sham