12 Easy Steps for FY16 (doc)

12 Easy Steps in 6
Import of 9791 Beginning Balances into a Budget Model
o This document will walk you through the process to export your current SACS calculated
2015‐16 beginning resource fund balances (9791) and import them into an Escape Budget
Model as 2015-16 beginning budget resource fund balances.
o This process allows starting balances to appear in the Escape budget reports and the
adopted budget column of the 2015‐16 Escape fiscal reports.
o This process enables you to find and load the most current, calculated balances from the
SACS2015 Budget software for loading into your budget model. (OB16-XX)
o This step should be completed immediately before you ”submit” your budget model so
that the balances in the Escape budget model match the extract to SACS for the adopted
o If you need to re-extract from Escape after you have loaded the 9791 into your model you
will need to redo this process to allow the balances in your model to be the same as your
SACS software.
o Computers running the SACS software using Windows 7, 64 bit may have issues with this
process. (See Sacs Software User Guide, page 3 for possible issues and workarounds)
Begin the 9791 Balance Process:
1. Extract, upload and import your OB16-XX budget into the SACS2015 Budget software.
a. Follow the extraction steps provided in the Next Fiscal Year Manual.
b. Note that the Escape Fiscal 51 extraction process has changed slightly
c. The upload into the SACS software provides the most up to date 9791 balances
for your model
d. The actual extract process into SACS will sum your budget balances to the
highest or SACS reporting level. (example: resource 0028 will sum to 0000)
2. In the SACS2015 software after your import:
a. Go to Forms
b. Select User Data Input/Review
c. Left click on the Object column (this will sort you data list by object)
i. Scroll to the first line displaying a 9791 object, highlight the line
1. SACS computes these balances using the current FY15 projected
ending balances
2. The SACS software does not use your model amounts
ii. Pressing down the CTRL key highlight the remaining 9791 object balance
lines (Make sure to include all resources, all funds)
iii. Select Print from the bottom of your SACS software screen
iv. Verify that the Print Range setup is set as Selection and then select Print
d. You now have a printed document that contains all 9791 balances
i. Save the file to your desktop or anywhere convenient for you
3. Enter the new 9791 balances into your model using the Finance – Fiscal – Budget Entry
a. Select your OB16-XX model and use the 9791 as the search criteria, select Go
b. Open each line displayed on your list and select
i. New and add the amount
ii. It is up to you whether or not you enter the 0000 balance from the SACS
printout or break the 0000 balance amount out to the individual
resources summing to the 0000 resource.
--Resource balance 0000 9791 per SACS is $3500 and it is made up of
resource 0028 and 0029, each for $1000 and then the actual 0000
resource is $1500.
--In your budget model OB16-XX you can enter the 0028 and 0029
resources with the $1000 each and then the 0000 resource with
--You could also enter just the 0000 resource with the total $3500
iii. Save little and then save big
4. You can also create an Excel spreadsheet to load the balances
a. Create an Excel file using the import procedures
i. Outlined in Chapter 12 Import Budget Records (Help-Finance-Budget User
1. Budget Users Guide via Finance Fiscal Budget Entry or
2. Help on the top Escape tool bar
5. Import this file into your Budget Model using the perform change option under the task
menu via Finance-Fiscal- Budget Management.
a. Remember to choose “Replace Budget = Yes.”
NOTE: “Yes” replaces amounts in your budget model and “No” adds to existing
amounts in your budget model if you have any; per only the accounts on your
6. Fill out and submit the Start-up Form requesting a Complete Tentative roll
a. Must provide the 9791 balances from SACS used when submitting the Start-Up
i. If several resources are summed to the SACS level resource in your
model, be sure that they all sum to the SACS printout by resource
b. Watch for any 9791 balances that should be 9650 by the end of the fiscal year
i. Your SACS printout will report all resources where it can calculate dollars
1. You will need to be sure to pull these balances out and not budget
for them
a. Note this on the SACS printout for IT to know that these
resources will be moved and not budgeted so when we
compare balances prior to the tentative roll we will not
have to bother you