Biome Booth - Lake Travis ISD

Biome Booth
To research a particular biome and create an interactive display that others can learn from.
1. You will need one display board (tri-fold, about 2 feet tall)
2. Research your assigned biome to find out the following information
a. climate
b. soil type
c. general appearance
d. typical plant life
e. special plant adaptations
f. typical animal life
g. special animal adaptations
h. special characteristics (including resources)
3. Place this information on your display board.
a. Make sure you include the name of your biome.
b. Make sure each piece of information you gathered is labeled (e.g. subtitles)
c. Use pictures, color, creativity – even include actual representative samples
(e.g. a cluster of pine needles for the coniferous forest).
**Counts as a project grade**
All information present
All information accurate
Appearance of display
Presentation of information
18 pts
32 pts
20 pts
10 pts
20 pts
Note – Printing information from the Internet and attaching it directly to the Biome
Booth is considered PLAGIARISM!!!!! The information MUST be in your own words!!!
Biome List
Tropical Rainforest
Temperate Grassland
Arid Desert
Coniferous/Boreal Forest
Temperate Forest
Intertidal Zones
Temperate Rainforest
Semi-Arid Desert
Arctic Marine
Pelagic Zones
Freshwater Lakes and Rivers