General Music Syllabus - Everett Area School District

Everett Area School District
Course Syllabus
Course Title/Grade Level:
Exploratory Music (7)
Middle/High School
Room 302
Mr. Sean Cogan
Performance Indicators:
Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of
material through written and aural assessment.
Course Description:
Exploratory Music 7 will investigate elements of theory, performance, and
history of western and non-western cultures.
Content Area:
Modes of Musical Production
Types of Music Ensembles
Music Theory
History of American Music
Course Materials and Texts:
All materials will be provided by the teacher through lecture, hand-outs,
worksheets, audio/video presentations, etc. All students will be required to take
notes on each class, as material covered will be assessed through quizzes and tests.
Grades will be given as a result of quizzes, tests, weekly writing assignments, and
Grading Scale
93-100 = A
85-92 = B
77-84 = C
70-76 = D
<70 = F
Exploratory Music Procedures/Rules
1) Check the board for assignments and instructions
2) Go to your seat, put of desk immediately and put books on desk beside you.
(Book bags, purses and other non-essential materials go under your seat).
3) Raise your hand for questions or needs.
4) Please keep feet off of the backs of chairs and keep all four legs of chair on floor.
5) Please bring all materials to class. You will need three things every day: a pencil,
notebook paper, and a folder to keep your materials in.
6) No candy or gum allowed. Please spit out all gum upon entering the room.
7) Remain in seat until the bell rings.
8) Be respectful of everyone and their property.
9) If you must go to the restroom, you must raise your hand and wait to be called on.
You must also sign out at the door before leaving
Warning - Teacher speaks or motions to a student during class concerning their
lack of attention or inappropriate behavior.
1st Violation - Teacher speaks to student for a second time and will meet with
teacher after class.
2nd Violation - Removal of student from the class to another location and
parent/teacher conference.
Repeated Disruptive Situations – Referral and a call to the parents will be made
with the possibility of a conference with the teacher and/or an administrator to
discuss the future of the student in the classroom.
Any student who severely disrupts the music classroom, prohibits the teacher from
teaching, or slows the other students’ learning process, will immediately be written a
referral and be removed from the classroom.
Exploratory Music Syllabus Agreement
I have read and understand the Exploratory Music 7 syllabus.
Student’s Signature/Date
Parent’s Signature/Date
Video Permission Slip
Students will be shown West Side Story at the end of the nine weeks. West Side Story is
a musical depicting racial segregation in the 1950’s between young Americans and
Puerto Ricans. Following the presentation there will be a major reflective paper
representing a final test grade for the course.
West Side Story is rated PG and has very mild language and small suggestive content.
_______ I give permission to my son/daughter to watch West Side Story.
_______ I do not give permission for my son/daughter to watch West Side Story and
understand there will be an equitable alternative assignment.
Parent Signature
This syllabus is due back to Mr. Cogan for 5 points credit 5 days after the class term
has begun.