Chapter 9 - Hydrocarbons

Chapter 9 - Hydrocarbons
Section A: Hydrocarbons and fossil fuels
Examples of Hydrocarbon fossil fuels:
Section B: Methane
 Sources of methane:
Methane is formed during the ____________ ___________ of animal and plant
 It is useful as a fuel because:
1. it has a _____________ ______________ value.
2. it is ______ toxic and _______________
3. it can be easily ________________ in pipes.
 Methane is hazardous
It is _________ when burned in air. It is produced in large quantities in
___________,_________________ and ___________. It is odourless and
_______________. Chemicals called ___________ are added to natural gas to
add an odour to the gas for _____________ reasons.
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Chapter 9 - Hydrocarbons
 Methane is a greenhouse effect
When methane gathers in the atmosphere it can trap some of the earth’s
radiation (heat energy) and cause help to cause an increased ________
_____________ effect.
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Sources of Hydrocarbons
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Sources of Hydrocarbons
What hydrocarbons are
Some fossil fuels that are sources of hydrocarbons.
Some sources of methane
Why methane production in slurry pits, coal mines and
refuse dumps is hazardous
That methane is a contributor to global warming
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