Ener- G Systems aaplication on Renewable energy project

Renewable Energy Project
at the Alton landfill site
in Richards bay.
Ener·G Systems uMhlathuze
Mission statement
At ENER·G Systems we deliver clean, sustainable and energy efficient
We lead the way in developing and implementing these technologies for the
public and private sector in the market place.
We enable our clients to implement environmentally
sound projects that deliver both operational and financial benefits.
• Landfill Gas
Why Bother utilizing
Landfill Gas?
Methane from waste is the largest source of atmospheric
methane in the SA.
Methane venting to the atmosphere is 21 times more damaging
to the ozone than the emissions of CO2 from an engine.
Methane is a valuable fuel source
Control of methane helps to reduce odours for those people
living in and around the vicinity of a landfill site.
Using Landfill Gas
Installation of pipe work
manifold arrangement
Ener·G Systems (PTY)
300KW to 1150KW Generators
Pumping Trial
BHP Biliton End User.
Construction Started
September 2009
Generator Arrives in
November 2009
Alton Flare
Site Complete
Site Complete
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