Work Request -- COBRE-PSF Protein Purification Group

COBRE-PSF Work Request -- Fragment Screening by STD-NMR
Please provide the following information. This information is intended to ensure that we know exactly what you
want us to do. The cost estimate we provide will be based on this information.
 Type directly onto this Microsoft Word document; it will expand as you type, but please be concise, and
please use 10 point Arial font for readability. Please complete ALL sections.
 Then Save the document as “Lastname-STD-NMR-WR” (without quotes) and submit it electronically to Dr.
Asokan Anbanandam, Director, BNMR Core Lab <[email protected]>.
1. Submission Date:
2. STD-NMR WR# (leave blank)
3. Project Cost Estimate: (leave blank)
4. Submitter Information (PI / Faculty / equivalent)
Indicate location: ( )KU ( )KUMC ( )KSU ( )WSU ( )Other_______________________________
5. Laboratory Contact (research asst./assoc.)
6. Description of work requested. Screening of the Zenobia 288-Fragment Library by STD-NMR (600
MHz). Check ALL appropriate ( ) below as required:
A. ( ) My lab personnel are NMR-qualified. We will do the entire screening ourselves. We only need a copy of
the library formatted for STD-NMR.
B. ( ) I request the core lab to run the screen on all 288 individual compounds plus any positive control
compounds furnished by the client.
C. ( ) I request the core lab to run the screen on 96 mixtures of 3 library compounds including any required
blanks and positive control compounds if available - client must consult with lab director in advance.
D. ( ) I request the core lab to analyze all the data to identify and binders.
7. For the protein of interest, please provide ALL of the following information, even if you plan to do the
screening work and data analysis yourself:
Calculated MW:
Protein sample volume, concentration AND how measured:
Protein sample buffer composition and pH:
8. Methods. We use a standard BRUKER pulse sequence optimized for STD-NMR data collection. If you have
any concerns about the pulse sequence, please contact the BNMR Lab director (as[email protected]).
9. Materials provided by Client. What will you provide - proteins, positive control compounds (known binders),
etc.? If nothing, so state. Are any of these items "precious" (extremely costly or in very limited supply)?
10. Personnel. Will personnel from your lab be involved in any of the work requested? If so, please explain
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Reason for request. How will you use the results? Please check one.
) Test a preliminary idea for a potential future project.
) Obtain preliminary data to support a new grant application in preparation.
) Increase/accelerate the productivity of a funded project in my lab.
) Other (please explain briefly below).
9. Please indicate ( X ) the source of support for the work being requested.
( ) A. COBRE-PSF Pilot Project Award
( ) B. Client requests a COBRE-PSF subsidy coupon (then check either B1 or B2 below).
NOTE: Coupons MUST be arranged and agreed upon IN ADVANCE of the project.
( ) B1. Client has ≥ 1 major active grant (e.g., NIH R01, NSF, or similar).
( ) B2. Client has limited or negligible resources (e.g. small grants only, no-cost extension, etc.)
( ) C. Other (please explain)
10. If either B or C is checked above, please provide ALL requested billing information below (REQUIRED).
Address Invoice(s) to (name)
Area code and phone #
Email address
Institution / Department
Mailing address / zip
Funding agency
Grant # or P.O.#
Grant ending date
-----------------------------TERMS AND CONDITIONS ----------------------------1. Timing. Requests are generally processed in the order received. If there is any "special" urgency or timing
consideration, such as a looming grant application deadline, please explain here in detail.
2. Authorship and acknowledgement policies. These policies are available from each of the Core Lab
websites at Submission of this work request indicates the client's
awareness of and agreement to abide by these policies, and specifically the following:
2.1) Proper acknowledgement of the specific COBRE-PSF Core Lab and the COBRE-PSF grant
P30GM110761 on all publications reporting work done using COBRE facilities, AND
2.2) Possible authorship rights of Core Lab personnel arising from the work performed. It is our policy that
Core Lab personnel whose work enables a project to succeed deserve recognition as co-authors of the work.
2.3) For questions about this policy please contact Dr. Robert Hanzlik, Director, COBRE-PSF ([email protected]).
3. Research support and billing information.
COBRE Core Labs operate on a fee-for-service basis. Core Lab rates are the same for all clients. The current
fees are published at Fee subsidies (coupons) may be available in certain cases. In
other cases, F&A surcharges may apply. Acknowledgement and authorship are not substitutes for payment of
the costs of the research/service the cores provided.
The Core Lab guarantees to perform the work requested (i.e. to execute the client-provided or client-approved
protocol) competently and faithfully and to document steps accurately, but it gives no guarantee of specific
outcomes on research-like projects (defined as not a repeat of a known successful protocol). The Core Lab Director
will notify the Client when the project will start, and will furnish brief email updates at significant milestone events,
plus a complete report at completion of the project.
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