Ecology minor The ecology minor is intended to compliment other

Ecology minor
The ecology minor is intended to compliment other environmental majors and help students develop the skills to use
ecological science to address a wide range of environmental issues.
____BI 2004 Population and Community Ecology
____BI 3423 Evolution and Population Genetics
____BI 4423 Ecosystem Ecology
Three of the following:
____BI 2033 Marine Biology
____BI 2053 Systematic Botany
____BI 3053 Marine Botany
____BI 3063 Agroecology
____BI 3173 Animal Behavior
____BI 3214 Biology of Plants
____BI 3233 Ichthyology
____BI 3253 Invertebrate Zoology
____BI 3263 Special Topics in Biology
____BI 3273 Mammalogy
____BI 3283 Ornithology
____BI 3293 Entomology
____BI 3323 Conservation Biology
____BI 3654 Microbiology
____ES 3183 Limnology
____GL 3433 Soil Science
____MA 3263 Biometry
____WF 3013 Population Assessment and Management
An academic minor is a specified sequence of courses totaling 18 to 24 credits and requiring at least nine credits of
3000 or 4000 level work. Twelve of the credits must be outside of your major degree requirements and other minor
requirements. Students are limited to declaring one minor in addition to their major(s). Minors do not lead to a
degree. No substitution or waiver of courses in a minor is allowed. The college does not guarantee courses for a
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