Octet rule the observation that atoms of nonmetals

Octet rule the observation that atoms of nonmetals form the most stable
molecules when they are surrounded by eight electrons (to fill their
valence orbitals)
Orbital a representation of the space occupied by an electron in an atom; the
probability distribution for the electron
Organic acid an acid with a carbon – atom backbone and a carboxyl group
Organic chemistry the study of carbon – containing compounds (typically
containing chains of carbon atoms) and their properties
Oxidation an increase in oxidation state (a loss of electrons)
Oxidation – reduction (redox) reaction a reaction in which one or more
electrons are transferred
Oxidation states a concept that provides a way to keep track of electrons in
oxidation – reduction reactions according to certain rules
Oxidizing agent (electron acceptor) a reactant that accepts electrons from
another reactant
Oxyacid an acid in which the acidic proton is attached to an oxygen atom
Ozone O3, a form of elemental oxygen much less common than O2 in the
atmosphere near the earth