- RSVP Lansing Area

Who we are
Adult Respite Services
Address: Elmhurst Elementary
2400 Pattengill Ave.
Room 2
Lansing, MI 48910
Phone number: (517)882-3403
Email: adultrespite@rsvp-lansing.com
Mission Statement
The purpose of Adult Respite Services is to provide an Adult Day
Services program that meets the intellectual, physical, emotional, and social
needs of older adults in the tri-county area.
The services are designed to enhance the quality of life for older
adults and to provide short-term relief to older adult caregivers.
Adult Day Services for older adults include noon meals, physical and
social activities, and intellectual exercises in a protected stimulating
Adult Respite Services
Volunteer Application
2400 Pattengill Ave., Lansing, MI 48910
(517) 882-3403
Name: _____________________________________ Date: ________________
Address: _________________________________________________________
Phone: __________________________________________________________
Education: _______________________________________________________
Work Experience: _________________________________________________
Volunteer Experience: ______________________________________________
Skills/Interests: ____________________________________________________
References: (please include name, address, phone)
1. ______________________________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________________________
Confidentiality Agreement Form
Guiding Principles:
1. Confidentiality is important in establishing and maintaining trusting and lasting
relationships among clients/legal guardians and professionals.
2. Confidentiality is the cornerstone to ensuring that privileged information is accessible
only to those authorized to have access.
3. Confidentiality acknowledges respect for an individual’s right to privacy.
4. Confidentiality assumes that those who pledge to safeguard confidential information
will do so.
5. When using open/shared space (classrooms, hallways, meeting rooms, etc), privileged
information that may be inadvertently shared or overheard is respected and kept
As a ______________________,(position/role) I will receive and have access to
confidential information about clients and their families. Except when required by law,
this information will be kept in the strictest confidence.
I understand that the discussion of personal information about seniors and their families
without authorized consent is unethical.
I will abide by this Confidentiality Agreement to ensure respect for the privacy of seniors
and their families at
Name of Program
Name of Staff Member (print)
Signature of Staff Member
Policies for Staff (Employees and Volunteers)
1. Please give at least one day notice for absences/appointments so we can provide
staff coverage. If you need to leave early, or will be arriving late, we need to
know in advance.
2. Please stay with your assigned client throughout the day. This means escorting
them into the room, sitting with them in the morning, during exercise, lunch,
entertainment, and walking them to their ride home.
3. Always utilize your time during the day. Be especially attentive during “slow
times.” This is especially critical after 2:00, when clients get nervous about their
ride home. Do not just let your client “sit and wait” without conversation.
4. If your client did not attend Adult Respite Services for the day ask the director
who you should be sitting with. Do not assume you are not needed, and just sit
with the other volunteers.
5. Please sit with your client during lunch. This means you will need to bring your
own lunch or enjoy the meal provided.
6. Do not leave the building unless you notify the director.
7. Be very aware of your conversation. Keep your conversation cheerful, upbeat and
respectful of everyone’s differences and cultural backgrounds. Also do not talk
about any personal problems in front of the clients.
8. Confidentiality of any and all information about the clients and staff is highly
9. Please make use of your time while you are here. Please use this time to converse
with you client. If your client has not yet arrived or has gone home, speak with
the director or activities director to assists in other activities such as
preparation/clean-up/organization or others tasks that are assigned for the day.
10. Please note that volunteer staff (Senior Companions/Michigan Works,
Community) report to the director.
11. If you have any questions or concerns, please discuss them with the director .
Dress Code:
Michigan Works staffs are required to wear the appropriate scrubs or business casual
Senior Companions staffs are required to wear the appropriate smock/vest.
All staffs (including Volunteers) must dress modestly and can wear casual clothing. No
offensive writing on clothing, stains, tears, etc.
Health Codes:
1. Do not place personal items in the refrigerator/ freezer unless in a labeled containers.
2. Leftovers from the noon meal are not permitted off the premises.
3. It is necessary to wash hands for 20 seconds in the designated sink at the back of the
4. Sanitize all activities tables and bathrooms using the blue saniclean solution.
Program Volunteers
Position Description
The backbone of our program is our volunteers who are there because they care
and provide help with daily activities. More importantly, they give friendship to those
whose circle of family and friends are becoming smaller each year.
A. Qualifications:
1. Concern for older people
2. Ability to work cooperatively with one another and staff
3. Good communication skills
B. Responsibilities:
1. Provide friendship to clients
2. Help with daily activities
3. Help serve lunch
4. To be dependable regarding their time commitment
5. To be able to attend staff meetings as scheduled
C. Guidelines:
1. Volunteers should arrive by scheduled time.
2. Volunteers may volunteer to do what tasks they are most comfortable doing.
However, on occasion it may be necessary to help with other duties. Ask for
better directions if needed.
3. Volunteers may be assigned to help a particular client. They should stay with
their participant but help others too when necessary.
4. Volunteers will help participants stay focused on topics being discussed.
5. Volunteers should report to staff any unusual situation or behavior.
6. Volunteers are encouraged to bring observation, problems, and concerns to
7. Volunteers are asked to notify staff a couple days in advance for absences that
are known.
I have read and understand the description for my position. If I have any
questions or concerns, I will notify my supervisor. A copy of the signed job description
will be given to the employee for their records and another kept in the employee’s work
Daily Agenda
Clients arrive
Social Time: coffee, tea, hot chocolate, morning snacks, read the paper
and visit amongst each other
Wash for lunch
Clients get picked up
Examples of Activities: various crafts and games, ring toss, bean bag toss, scrabble, uno,
bingo, trivia, exercises, game room, etc.
Daily Duties
 Arrange chairs at tables, ensure that clients have word searches and magazines
available for them.
 Sign clients in, seat them at the table, and hang up their jackets.
 Assist client in walking to and from various activities. Assist client in walking to
 Assist clients with washing hands for lunch
 Clear tables after lunch
 Check bathrooms and stock with supplies when necessary
 Use Lysol to sanitize faucets, door knobs, toilet handles, etc.
 Sign clients out
 Use cleaner to wipe down activities tables, and bathroom (Senior Companions can
not clean bathrooms). Gloves are in the kitchen. Use paper towels and not rags.
 Make sure that all supplies from the day’s activities have been put away in their
proper place.
 Fill out an observation sheet for the client that you are assigned to. Make sure that
the director is aware of any concerns that you have.
Emergency Information
Instructions when calling 911
We are located at…
 2400 Pattengill Ave.
Lansing, MI 48910
 At Elmhurst Elementary School, Rm2
 517-882-3430
Fire Drill and Tornado Plan of Action
Map is located at each entrance of the room with the designated locations.
In case of a fire: Assist clients to the nearest exit. Once outside go at least as far as the
curbs or into the parking lot.
In case of a tornado: Go into hallway, away from windows.
During Drills: An announcement will be made over the speaker system, or scheduled
drills will be made known to us ahead of time.