BBA(Finance with Multimedia)

Program Educational Objectives
To develop competent finance graduates, well-trained in finance principles, theory
and analytical skills so that they are able to apply them to the real world.
To produce broad-minded finance graduates who are able to manage well in human
relations and in any financial condition.
Program Outcomes
PO1 Ability to apply fundamental skills and techniques of finance in various business
PO2 Acquisition of knowledge and competency in the specialised areas of finance and/or
PO3 Ability to apply multimedia and ICT tools to solve business problems.
PO4 Ability to communicate effectively.
PO5 Ability to understand and solve the strategic dimensions of business.
PO6 Ability to work independently as well as others in a team.
PO7 Ability to develop a healthy mind and enthusiasm towards lifelong learning.
PO8 Ability to be a multi-skilled individual with good business ethical knowledge,
leadership and entrepreneurial skills.
Selected Subjects
Financial Management I
Financial Management II
Industrial Training
Short Descriptions
A fundamental address of financial concepts and theories.
An intermediate discourse on corporate finance theories,
markets and problems faced by corporations today.
An exposure to the real working environment, to gain
relevant working experience, to enhance knowledge and
skills beyond that of formal classroom setting, and to
establish strong contacts with the industry for future
employment opportunities.
Advanced Topic In Finance
A comprehensive understanding of financial theories that
highlights the importance of real-world financial practices
through financial case studies.
Tax Planning
A discourse on the basic of taxation in Malaysia for
individuals, sole proprietorships and partnerships.
A discourse of investment theory and the ability of making
sound investment decisions through fundamental and
technical analysis.
Financial Markets and
An understanding of the roles and functions of financial
institutions in the markets, the importance of financial
markets and its impact on the economy.
Corporate Financial
Corporate Risk Management
Financial Statement Analysis
Financial Derivatives
International Finance
Bank Management (elective)
Personal Finance (elective)
Portfolio Management
Merger and Acquisition
Short Descriptions
An acquisition of knowledge that integrates financial
functions with internal and external financial environment to
develop wealth maximisation financial strategies.
An introduction of risk reduction and mitigation in various
types of businesses and organizations.
A discourse to evaluate financial statements for business and
investment decision making in a multi-cultural and multinational environment.
An understanding of financial derivative principles, as well
as the innovation and strategy of various derivative
A discourse on the effect of financial transaction in various
foreign exchange, interest rate and investment climate.
A theoretical and practicality of bank operations to expose
students on banking activities and their impact as financial
A fundamental discourse on personal financial planning to
enhance personal financial management and effective
personal financial planning.
A discourse on how to develop and manage a remunerative
investment portfolio through various investment concepts
and theories.
An understanding of the concepts, theories and impact of
national and multinational merger and acquisition.
Job prospects
Many of our graduates are engaged in the banking, insurance, finance, manufacturing,
education, consultancy, and international trade.
Many of them are now successful managers, directors, financial analyst, planners, adjustors,
consultants, administrators and dealers.