Unit 2: Our Natural Environment

Unit 2: Our Natural Environment
Assignment 1
Overview of Canada’s Regions
With a partner, your goal is to give a brief (5-10 min) oral
presentation to the class about one of Canada’s six regions.
Resource: Canada and the World, 2nd Ed.
Procedure: Select one of the regions below and use your atlas to research
information related to your region using the topics listed as a
guide. Once you have collected the information, it must be
typed on a maximum of one page, and you and your partner
should decide on a fair way to present the information to the
class. (both partners sharing in the work and the presentation)
Far North (pp 59-63); Near North (pp 64-68); Western
Mountains (pp69-73); Prairies (pp 74-78); Great Lakes/St.
Lawrence (pp 79-83); Atlantic (pp84-88).
-Regions are areas that share common features that make
them different from other areas: language, ways of making a
living, cultural expressions, physical environment, climate, or
Topics to research:
What provinces/territories are contained in the region.
Identify the major rivers, lakes and water features in the region.
Describe the types of land use in the region
Physical size: (km across & north to south; southern and northern
latitudes & eastern and western longitudes)
e. Typical ethnicity (2 cities in the region—ethnic make-up)
f. Economic Facts—value of manufacturing, main
industries/employers, natural resources (forestry; minerals etc.,)
g. 2-3 unique and interesting “factoids” about your region.
Note: You will be given 2 classes to prepare your research and
presentation; on the third day we will begin presentations.