Word 101(or 102) – Exercise 3 – Spelling and

This document contains severel spelling or grammer errors which have
been intentionally made. Your task is simply to spell-check the entire
document. Occasionally, you will find that Word does not recognize a word
because it is so poorly spelled. In these cases, you can still make your own
corrections. At other times, a common word mau have been mistyped and
several suggestions will be made from a list. Pick the suggestion which you
know is correct in context.
At other times, Word will ask you to correct a word which you know to be
correctly spelled. If you use this word frequently in you’re work, you may
add the woird to your dictionary by clicking on the Add to Dictionary option
in the spell check menu. You may have to add your own name or the name
of your organization to Word's dictionary.
Word will also find interesting mistakes like doble words that you didn’t
really intend.
Finally, if you simply use the wrong word but Word knows it is correctly
spelled, the the spell-checker won’t find it. You will have to watch carefullt
for these mistakes. Remember, spell-check is no substitute for proof
reading you're document.
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