Student Created Dictionary
The Student Created Dictionary contains written definition entries that
are recorded on loose leaf paper by the individual student. Students will
store all Dictionary work in the appropriate section of their Science
Binder. Students are responsible for the completion and maintenance of
their self-created dictionary. The following is the criteria for
completing the Student Created Dictionary.
1. Use a section in your Science Binder with the label Dictionary to
store completed sections.
2. The students will be given a word list approximately every two
weeks to follow the basic format.
3. The Basic format is:
 Heading at top of each loose leaf paper: Word List number,
name, class, date and page number
 Numbered words---Numbering will run consecutively for
each word list
 Definitions of each word
 Citation for each definition given
 Large colorful illustration for each word. Be detailed.
 Draw a line under the entry
4. Each Word List section of Student Dictionary will be collected for
grading by teacher and graded according to the rubric given in
5. Each Word List section will be collected approximately every two
6. Word List definitions may appear in tests. Refer to Study Guides
given for tests.