Erosion and Deposition Summative

Erosion and Deposition Study Guide
Name____________________________ Date__________________Period________
Circle the correct letter choice for each question.
__Abrasion_____ 1. Process in which the sediment of a glacier scrapes the land.
__Mudslide_____ 2. Watery clay soil slides down a mountain.
___Deflation___ _____Abrasion_____3. There are two types of wind erosion. They are:
_______V________4. Rivers rapidly flowing through steep mountain slopes will form a
_V___shaped valley.
__Runoff_______5. Water that moves over Earth’s surface when it rains is called
__Plucking _____6. Process in which rocks are picked up by a glacier
__Deflation ____7. The process by which wind picks up sediment from the surface of
the earth is
___Creep_______8. When a telephone pole leans downhill _______ has occurred
_Floodplain_____9. The flat, wide area of land along a river
_Rill____10. Water moving in a tiny groove in soil after a rainstorm
__Landslide____________11. During an earthquake, rock and soil move down a slope
__Till____________12. Sediment dropped off by a glacier
__Abrasion____________13. Sediment carried by wind that scrubs and polishes rock is
caused by
__Meander____________14. A loop-like bend in the course of a river is called a
__Tributary________ ____15. A stream or river that flows into a larger stream or river is
called a
__Slump_____________16. When rock and soil suddenly slip downhill in one large mass
__Moraine_____________17. Ridge or mound formed from sediment dropped off along
the glacier’s edge
__Mass Wasting_____________18. Any process that moves sediment downhill is called
__Loess_____________19. Fine, fertile sediment that is good for farming and deposited
y wind is
_Water__________ ____20. The major agent of erosion on the Earth’s surface is
__Gully_____________21. A large groove or channel in soil that carries runoff
__Delta________ ____22. Sediment deposited where a river meets an ocean or a larger
body of water is
___Dune____________23. A deposit of wind-blown sand
__Stream_____________24. A channel through which water is continually flowing
__ _Gravity_______ ____25. The cause of mass movement is the force of
Use the diagram to answer each question.
What is stream B in relation to the river into which it flows?
What is feature D?
What is feature E?
What is feature F?
Does landform B result from
Identify landform A,
_____________32.The hottest layer of the earth is the
_____________33.Rock that forms by melting and cooling inside the Earth is
_____________34.All rocks are made of _____________
35. Which horizon of the soil formed first