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As a result of the evaluation process, teachers and evaluators should focus on accelerating and continuing teacher growth.
Professional goals should be individualized to the needs of the teacher and specifically relate to his/her areas of refinement/growth as identified in the teachers’ evaluation.
The evaluator and teacher should have collaborative and ongoing discussions related to activities aligned to the goals.
This plan may also be used as a guide for creating professional development goals aligned with licensure renewal as approved by LPDC.
Professional Goals
These are addressed by the evaluator as appropriate for this teacher
Evidence Indicators
What will show your progress toward the goal?
Consider creating goals that meet SMART criteria
SSpecific (What do I want to measure?)
Measurable (How am I going to measure it?)
Attainable (Is this a reasonable goal?)
Results-oriented (What will my goal look like when I’ve reached it?)
Time-Bound (When will I reach my goal?)
Goal 1: Student Achievement/Outcomes for Students
Goal Statement:
What will show your achievement of the goal?
Include tentative deadlines
The students will solve a morning math word problem (bell work) 3 days a week. I will model identifying
and underlining info to solve. I will also model and have students share various stategies to solving these
problems. Sept./Oct.- introduce problem solving strategies, Standards for Mathematical Practice,4 square
graphic organizer & rubric. Model p.s., have students self-asses using the rubric,communicate p.s. process
and awareness of practice standards used. Nov/Dec.weekly /bi-weekly problems to provide guided practice.
Dec/Year-end: provide guided practice, transition to independant practice. Unit assessments will include 4
square problems that coorelate with concepts presented for each Unit to show evidence of achievement.
By the end of the 2013-14 school year, 80% of my math students will demonstrate
organization in the solving of word problems using the 4 square graphic organizer. They
will be able to communicate their mathematical thinking and awareness of the standards
for the mathematical practices by self-assessing through the use of a rubric.
Weekly: pre-plan math workshop activities with the 5th Grade Year at a Glance and align with CCSS. Revisit
CCSS Unpacked for each unit to ensure that presented materials align with CCSS. Implement IB Units of
study into both math and science instruction as related concepts are presented.
Goal 2: Teacher Performance on the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession (see pg. 3)
Goal Statement:
During the 2013-14 school year, I will align my instructional goals, activities, and rich
word problems with the new Common Core State Standards and to our IB units. I will
increase my implemetation of IB units by 20%.
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Signatures above verify acknowledgement of receipt of final documented plan by both parties.
Both parties should keep a copy of this document as a point of reference throughout the year.
A copy of this document should be shared with the Building Principal.
A final copy should be submitted to the Personnel Office by Evaluator with the May Summative Evaluation.