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~ A Guide for Preparing to Student Teach through BYU – Idaho ~
Welcome to Student Teaching
Student teaching is the capstone of your academic and professional training as a pre-service
teacher. The public school classroom is the laboratory where you, as a teacher candidate, apply
what you have learned about the principles and art of teaching.
You will go through a preparation process to be considered for student teaching. To view the
due dates for this process visit the Field Services Office webpage.
1. Notice of Intent for Student Teaching
 Submit your Notice of Intent for Student Teaching 12 to 18 months prior to the
semester you intend to student teach.
 Located on web page: under “Student Teaching
Preparation Process.”
2. Approved Grad Plan
 Complete a Grad Plan (MyBYUI/Student Tab/Degree Information/Graduation
Planner) with your faculty advisor or Academic Discovery Center.
 Upon obtaining approval of your Grad Plan from the Academic Discovery Center,
notify the Field Services Office by email ([email protected]) of your anticipated
semester for student teaching as listed on your Grad Plan.
3. Personal Bio
 Create a one-page bio. This will be given to principals who will interview you for
consideration of placement at their school. The bio may include your family
background, interests, skills you plan to utilize in teaching, your education, and
reasons for choosing teaching as a profession, while emphasizing your philosophy of
 Create your bio in a Word document. This should be single spaced. Do not
use tabs. Double space between paragraphs. Limit your bio to approximately
450-500 words. Use a 12 point Arial font.
 Drop your completed bio into the template provided on the Field Services web
page at You will be filling in the gray boxes.
o Name: (use your full name)
o Degree:
o Choose the one that applies and ignore the rest
o The Field Services Office will remove the extra boxes
o Composite: (use the drop down box to select your composite)
o Major: (use the drop down box to select major)
o Minor: (use the drop down box to select minor)
 Body of your bio: Copy and paste from your Word document.
 Save your document to your computer, then attach it to an email and send it to
the Field Services Office at [email protected]
4. Photo
Get your professional photo taken by the campus photography studio (MCK
Library 356). No appointment is needed. This service is free. The photography
studio will forward your photo directly to the Field Services Office.
This is a professional photo; wear professional attire.
5. Background Clearance for the State of Idaho (Fingerprinting)
 Complete the background clearance and fingerprinting requirement. This service
is provided in the Field Services Office. All BYU-Idaho Education majors must
be fingerprinted for Idaho regardless of intended destination for student teaching
or career teaching.
 You will be asked to complete a second set of fingerprints if you are student
teaching outside of Idaho. The second printing will occur after interviews and
 Legal photo ID must be presented before you can be printed. Please bring
one of the following: a driver’s license, a state issued photo ID, or a military
card with photo included. BYU – Idaho ID card will NOT be accepted as proof
of identification.
Partner Schools
Partner Schools are located in Partner Districts. BYU-Idaho has a mutual commitment with
these schools to provide the best experience possible for teacher candidates. These schools are
known for their innovative approach to education. Their teachers use best practices in their
classrooms and desire to mentor teacher candidate. (For a list of our Partner Districts and
Schools visit the Field Service Office website:
One of the commitments the BYU-Idaho Field Services Office makes to partner schools is to
allow schools to select teacher candidates from among our students. Thus, there is an interview
process for future teacher candidates each year.
Partner School Interviews
Partner School Interviews are held on campus twice per year. If you are student teaching during
the spring semester, interviews typically take place sometime between January and midFebruary. If you are student teaching in either the fall or winter semester, interviews typically
take place in the spring. Interviews are required for all prospective teacher candidates. If you are
unable to attend in person (because of extreme distance) interviews are also offered virtually.
Your placement as a teacher candidate will largely be determined by your interview. It is your
responsibility to provide copies of your personal bio to principals at each of your interviews.
For your convenience the BYU-Idaho Career Networking Center provides mock interviews by
Student Teaching Placement Protocols
After your interviews, principals may offer you a placement. This process has been designed to
enable principals and you a say in where you student teach. You have the option of accepting or
denying any request.
If you are not offered a placement during initial interviews by a principal, the Field Services
Offices will continue to work to obtain a placement for you. The Field Services Office cannot
guarantee you a placement, however we will continue to seek a placement for you.
You should never approach any school or district official and attempt to solicit your own
You will be contacted by your Area Coordinator after you have been placed.
Student Teaching Locations
Mesa School District (Mesa, Arizona):
Zaharis Elementary School
Summitt Academy (K-8)
Mesa High School
Clark County School District (Las Vegas, Nevada):
Hinman Elementary School
Louis Weiner Elementary School
Schofield Middle School
Silverado High School
Las Vegas High School
Jordan School District (Salt Lake City, Utah):
Silver Crest Elementary School
South Jordan Middle School
Weber School District (Ogden, Utah):
Pioneer Elementary School
West Weber Elementary School
Wahlquist Jr. High
Fremont High School
Bonneville School District (Idaho Falls, Idaho):
Summit Hills Elementary School
Discovery Elementary School
Ammon Elementary School
Rocky Mountain Middle School
Hillcrest High School
Bonneville High School
Brigham Young University – Idaho (Rigby and Rexburg, Idaho):
Rigby Middle School
Madison Middle School
Financial Aid
If you are receiving financial aid and you are taking less than 12 credits, you will need to contact
the Financial Aid Department and have them adjust your aid according to the number of credits
you are enrolled in. The student teaching class (ED492) is only 10 credits, so if you need “fulltime” status, you may take the 2-credit student teaching online seminar (ED494).
If you are receiving a University sponsored scholarship and student teaching is your final
semester, contact the Financial Aid Department to see about receiving a portion of your award.
Please address specific questions regarding financial aid/scholarships during student teaching to
the Financial Aid Office.
Be aware of the Financial Aid Determination Date (FADD) and know financial aid and/or
scholarships will not be released until after the BYU-Idaho semester begins. Plan accordingly for
the time between when your student teaching experience begins and your financial aid is
released. For further information refer to the Financial Aid Department or visit their website at
Regardless of your placement location, you must provide your own transportation during student
teaching. Carpooling is helpful, but it is your responsibility to arrange your transportation. A list
of other teacher candidates in your school or immediate area may be distributed by the Field
Services Office to assist you in making carpool arrangements easier.
Program Costs
You will be assessed tuition for 10 credits for taking ED 492 (plus tuition for the 2-credit
seminar ED 494, if this course is taken). A $90 class fee will be assessed to you to cover the
costs for your background clearances, supplies, and paper work. If you are student teaching
outside of Idaho, you are required to do two background clearances but you will not be assessed
any additional fees.
Housing costs are your responsibility. For information concerning available housing during
student teaching, contact the BYU-Idaho Housing and Student Living Office at or call (208) 496-9220.
After you have completed all requirements and been given approval from your Program Director,
you will be given authorization to register for ED 492 and ED 494 for your assigned student
teaching location. After being authorized by the Field Services Office, it is your responsibility to
register to receive credit for student teaching. Although you are authorized to register for ED
494, you are not required to take this course.
Student Teaching Duration
Student teaching start dates vary depending on the district, school and semester you are student
teaching. Student teaching dates follow the district’s calendar, which are different than the
BYU-Idaho semester. Your student teaching experience may vary from 16 to 20 weeks. The fall
semester can start as early as July and may continue through the Christmas break in December.
The winter semester can start at the beginning of January and may continue as late as mid-May.
The spring semester can start in early April and may continue through July. You are expected to
participate in teacher in-service and work days, as well as parent teacher conferences. You
should contact your Area Coordinator for specific start/end dates for student teaching.
Academic Discovery Centers
All departments on campus have an Academic Discovery Center (ADC) that services students in
planning/sequencing coursework, declaring majors and minor, and career advising. You are
advised by the Academic Discovery Center that services your content area. To visit with your
Academic Discovery Center you must schedule an appointment. The following is a list of
Academic Discovery Center Offices, their addresses, phone numbers and email together with
what education content areas they advise.
Agriculture and Life Sciences (Agriculture, Biology, Health) – Benson 240, (208) 4969830, [email protected]
Education and Human Development (ELED, ECSE, SPED, Family & Consumer
Sciences) – Hinckley 309, (208) 496-9850, [email protected]
Language and Letters (English, All Foreign Languages, Geography, History,
Government, Social Studies) – Smith 269, (208) 496-9860
[email protected]
Performing and Visual Arts (Art, Music, Theatre) – MC 376, (208) 496-9870,
[email protected]
Physical Sciences and Engineering (Math, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Earth Science) –
Austin 106, (208) 496-9880, [email protected]
Main Academic Discovery Center — MC 129, (208) 496-9800,
[email protected]
Your Academic Discovery Center can be of great help with Praxis exams, preparing your Grad
Plan, declaring a major/minor, and looking for employment following graduation.
The main Academic Discovery Center is located in MC 129, and has wonderful resources to help
with all items listed above, with the exception of information on the Praxis Exams.
Career Networking Center
The Career Networking Center is a branch of the main Academic Discovery Center that helps
you to perfect your resume, prepare for interviews, and look for employment after graduation.
The Career Networking Center is located in MC 127A and is available 8 am to 5 pm for

Welcome to Student Teaching