2015 NNHVIP Conference Call for Workshops
“Healing is Justice: Helping Systems of Care Promote Equity”
September 28-29, 2015
The California Endowment’s Center for Healthy Communities, Los Angeles, CA
The National Network of Hospital-based Violence Intervention Programs’ annual conference
draws a diverse audience committed to breaking the cycle of violence and promoting healing in
communities where violent injuries occur. The over 200 attendees include: frontline gang
intervention workers, pediatric and adult physicians, public officials, experts and emerging
researchers from various academic fields, crisis responders, community-based programs and
organizations, social workers, mental health providers, nurses, members of state/local/federal
government, and community members affected by and/or responding to violence. Presentations
are encouraged that honor, promote and build upon the expertise of conference attendees.
Proposed Session Title: Randomized Controlled Trials
Suggest a title (8-10 words) that is informative and clearly reflects the presentation content.
Name of Lead Speaker/Proposal Submitter: Carolyn Snider
This person will be the contact and is responsible for all session logistics
Job Title: Emergency Physician
Organization: Winnipeg Health Science Centre
NNHVIP affiliation (i.e. member program, emerging program, other.):Members
Street Address:820 Sherbrook St.
City, State, Zip: Winnipeg, Manitoba R3A 1R9
Telephone: 204-789-3372
Email: [email protected]
NNHVIP 2015 Conference
Call for Workshops
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Additional Speakers: If applicable, identify any additional speakers below with e-mail and phone
E-mail address
Phone #
Katie Bakes
[email protected]
Sara Muramoto
[email protected]
Professional Background: Provide a 1-4 sentence biography for each speaker to be used as an
introduction as well as an overview of your knowledge and experience related to the proposed
session topic and HVIP field; i.e.: years of experience in the related field, degrees held and from
what academic institutions, current appointments, concurrent responsibilities, areas of specialty,
past speaking engagements, etc.
Carolyn Snider - Dr. Snider is an emergency physician and Associate Professor at the University
of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She obtained a MPH in injury epidemiology from
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in 2007. Dr. Snider’s primary research focus
is the design, implementation and evaluation of interventions for preventing youth violence. Dr.
Snider practices mixed method research, using large administrative databases, community based
participatory research, concept mapping and clinical trial methodologies – all with an integrated
knowledge translation approach. Dr. Snider is currently conducting a randomized control trial
entitled WrapAround Care for Youth Injured by Violence.
Katie Bakes - Katherine Bakes, MD attended Harvard Medical School and completed her Emergency
Medicine residency at Harbor UCLA, where she also served as chief resident and was the first
Harbor fellow in Emergency Medicine Ultrasound. From 2005-2007, Dr. Bakes completed a
fellowship in Pediatric Emergency Medicine at The Children’s Hospital of Colorado, returning to
Denver Health to open its first dedicated pediatric emergency department, the Denver Emergency
Center for Children (DECC). Dr. Bakes served as the medical director of the DECC for its first five
years, stepping down in 2014 to pursue her interest in community outreach. Currently, Dr. Bakes is
the director of At-Risk Intervention and Mentoring (AIM), Denver Health’s hospital-based violence
intervention program, co-chair of the Injury Prevention committee, and the physician liaison for
community outreach for Denver Health. She is an Associate Professor in the department of
Emergency Medicine at University of Colorado, School of Medicine. She is an editor of Emergency
Medicine Secrets, 9th Edition of Rosen's Emergency Medicine: Concepts and Clinical Practice, and
New England Journal of Medicine, Journal Watch Emergency Medicine.
Sara Muramoto – Sara Muramoto has been AIM Program Manager since 2012. Working closely with
Dr. Bakes over the past 3 years, the pair has applied and received 3 grants. Sara has worked directly
with youth providing brief interventions and case management, as well as managing the programs
finances, coordinating community endavours, and designing and overseeing research studies related
to the program.
NNHVIP 2015 Conference
Call for Workshops
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Presentation Learning Objectives: List 3 educational goals of the presentation that specify
what participants will learn as a result of attending the presentation. (NNHVIP reserves the right to
edit objectives to meet requirements for CEUs)
1. To review the challenges associated with conducting 2 RCTs of HVIPs
2. Common protocols and outcomes of RCTs
3. Facilitated discussion of ongoing and future RCTs
Session Categories: Check one or more categories that best represent the focus area of the
☐ Promoting Equity / Addressing Bias
☐ Best Practices in Direct Services
☐ Policy and/or Advocacy
☐ Trauma-Informed Care
☐ Bridging Direct Service & Advocacy
☐ Mental Health
☒ Research
☐ Hospital-Community Partnership
☐ Other: Click here to enter text.
☐ Healing the Healers / Self-Care
I submit this workshop proposal for consideration for the preferred following event format(s):
(Check all that apply)
Presentation Length:
☒ 90 minute breakout session
☐ 40 minute presentation to be paired with another presentation on a similar topic
Presentation Format:
Presentation (with or without Q&A to follow)
Interactive training or conversation
(At this year’s conference, the planning committee is giving special consideration
to interactive workshops that build on the skills and expertise of audience
members. If checked, please specify what methods will be used to ensure
audience participation and interaction on the topic presented.)
The 2nd half of the presentation will be a facilitated workshop involving the
audience. Discussion around ongoing and future RCTs – testing of a common link
with common outcomes (developing common outcomes for robust meta-anlysis –
this touches a bit on the Delphi we are doing, may be some overlap?)
NNHVIP 2015 Conference
Call for Workshops
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Session Narrative: Please summarize the presentation in no more than 500 words).
This will be utilized to evaluate the overall relevance and quality of the proposed presentation. If
your presentation is selected, this narrative will also be adapted for the Conference Program.
The first half of our presentation will include a walk-through of building RCTs in Winnipeg and
Denver. Presentations will include a variety of unique considerations in planning of an RCT, as
well as lessons learned in conducting RCTs in the evaluation of hospital violence intervention
programs Areas covered will include unique considerations in preparing IRB proposals, selecting
appropriate research outcomes, identifying culturally-competent expert research staff assistants,
utilizing preliminary data to focus resources, and optimizing follow-up rates with at-risk youth.
The program will also briefly cover common protocols and outcomes of HVIP studies
Discussion will include looking at the 6 RCTs presented at the conference in 2013 as well as new
publications, highlighting key protocol features and outcomes. This will transition the group to a
mediated discussion of ongoing and future RCTs. Specific studies will be explored with
attention to study designs, strengths, and limitations with a facilitated discussion on how to
improve and build on past research. An array of research gaps will be identified and presented to
audience members, with time to accept questions and comments from Dr. Bakes and Dr. Snider.
Presentation Agreement:
 Submit my PowerPoint presentation via email or flash drive no later than September 21, 2015.
 Provide all required information and affirmations for CEU certification, by due dates requested.
 Prepare, duplicate, and distribute handout materials for my presentation at my expense.
 Allow NNHVIP to list my contact information on printed and online materials.
 Presenters may not sell, promote or pitch any specific product or service.
 I understand NNHVIP cannot pay honoraria, travel, per diem, handouts or other costs for
speakers. In appreciation for your contribution, one approved speaker may attend the conference
at no cost for registration.
By submitting your presentation, you are agreeing to the presentation agreement.
*** Email submissions by May 1, 2015, to Ahmed Ali-Bob at [email protected] ***