17 January 2013, Istanbul
The UK Science and Innovation Network in Turkey and The Scientific and Technological
Research Council of Turkey are jointly organising a one day conference to explore future
collaboration opportunities in the areas surrounding energy and resource efficiency in
The conference will allow researchers from the UK and Turkish universities and industry to
present their work and network with other researcher working in relevant areas.
The conference will consider the broad landscape in Turkey and the UK including innovation
system and policies underlying the research in the field, before focusing in more detail on
the emerging portfolio of technologies related to energy and resource efficiency in
manufacturing sectors. The conference expects to cover the following fields; energy
efficiency in manufacturing and mobility, energy generation and storage, power electronics,
advanced materials, low carbon vehicles, hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.
Confirmed speakers are:
UK Side
Professor Dame Julia King, Vice-Chancellor of Aston University / UK’s Low Carbon Business
 Sustainability, Low carbon business and low carbon transport
Professor Richard Dashwood, Academic Director & Head of Materials and ManufacturingWarwick Manufacturing Group
 Advanced and sustainable materials and manufacturing
Professor Geoffrey Hammond, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Bath University
 Technology assessment of energy systems
Dr. Mike Weston, Knowledge Exchange Manager- UK Energy Research Centre / Energy
Generation and Supply KTN
 Sustainable energy systems, environmental impact, energy security
Prof. Mark Jolly, Cranfield University
 Resource efficient manufacturing, materials efficiency
Dr. David Book, University of Birmingham
 Energy materials, hydrogen materials
TR Side
Prof. Dr. Murat Aydın, Director of Energy Institute, TÜBİTAK Marmara Research Centre
 Energy Research and Technology Portrait of Turkey
Prof. Dr. Yunus Çengel, Dean of Engineering Faculty and Advisor to the Rector, Adnan
Menderes University
 Impact of Energy Efficiency and Low Carbon Energy Technologies
Assoc. Prof. Bahadır Tunaboylu, Director of Materials Institute, TÜBİTAK Marmara Research
 Materials Development for Energy Applications
Prof. Dr. Can Erkey, Director of TÜPRAŞ Energy Centre, Koç University
 Nano-Structured Thermal Insulation Materials For Energy Efficiency
Prof. Dr. Engin Kılıç, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Middle East Technical University
(METU); President of Manufacture-TR (tbc)
 Sustainable and Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Technologies
Prof. Dr. Durmuş Kaya, Director of Energy and Environment Technologies Centre, Karabük
University; Chair of Environmental Engineering Department, Karabük University
 Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing
Prof. Dr. Pınar Mengüç, Director of Energy, Environment and Economy Centre, Özyeğin
 Sustainable Energy for Buildings and Industry, Nanotechnology applications to
energy harvesting and cooling technologies
Assoc. Prof. Mahmut F. Akşit, Professor of Mechatronics Engineering, Faculty of Engineering
and Natural Sciences, Sabancı University (tbc)
Tolga Kaan Doğancıoğlu, Hexagon Studio
 Electric Vehicles for Urban Passenger and Freight Transport
Ahmet Altekin, Director of Technological Researches and Innovation, TOFAŞ
 Energy Efficiency in Transport, Zero and Low Emission Vehicles