CHE 101: Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry

CHEM 121: Introduction to Chemistry
Classify to the best of your ability each of the following substances as a mixture or a pure
If a mixture, is it homogeneous or heterogeneous? If a pure substance, is it a compound
or an element?
mercury in a thermometer
a classroom full of students
baking soda
carbon monoxide
aluminum foil
a new penny
a flower
neon gas
A clear liquid reacts with a blue liquid to form a white solid (that always melts at 880oC)
and a colorless gas. Both liquids and the solid may be broken down into something
simpler by chemical means; the gas cannot. Classify each of the following as a
compound, element, or mixture--or state "not enough information to determine".
blue liquid
clear liquid + blue liquid
white solid
colorless gas
Is this a chemical change or a physical change?