Study Tour Faculty Member Qualifications
- Catherine Webster, Associate Professor of French, has already participated in several
UCO Study Tours. In 2007, she developed an itinerary and led the group for the Paris
portion of Dr. Mark Hannebutt’s Travel Writing tour. In March 2009, she contributed to
the inaugural CaSTLE program and later that year co-led a 2-week Francophone Europe
Tour with Dr. Margaret Musgrove. In March 2010, she and Dr. Michael Springer
developed and led the Global Living Community’s Spring Break study tour to Germany
and France. In 2013 and 2014, she collaborated with faculty from Fashion Marketing and
Dance to develop specialized thematic Study Tours, which demonstrate her expertise in
leading student travel overseas.
In addition to these study tour experiences, Dr. Webster has spent extensive research and
vacation time in France. She served as Senior Dean for L’Académie de Paris, an
academic enrichment program for high school students, in 1999. She lived in Paris in
2003-04 as she finished her dissertation. Since arriving at UCO, she has also spent two
summers conducting research, including a 10-week stay in Paris supported by an NEH
Summer Stipend. Dr. Webster possesses near-native fluency in French, which
contributes to her ability to navigate travel, interpret for students, and provide superior
communicative skills throughout the tour.
- Susan V. Miller, Professor of Fashion Marketing at UCO, currently teaches a Global
Protocol and Diversity course, in addition to her Fashion Marketing courses. She has
developed and taught one hour seminars in Business and Professional Etiquette at the
university level. These seminars include information in professional dress and selfpresentation, communication, interviews and resume writing, meal and dining etiquette,
internet etiquette, international etiquette, and social graces.
While Susan’s husband was serving in the US Army she had several opportunities to
conduct trainings in military etiquette for wives of military soldiers. She also had the
opportunity to belong to a German/American Women’s club while stationed in Germany
for four years. As a high school student, she went on the People to People tour of eight
countries in Europe to include France. She most recently went on a preview trip to Paris,
Milan and Italy for the purpose of planning the Italy and France “A La’ Mode” Study
In addition, Dr. Miller has been conducting college Study Tours for the past 17 years.
While at UCO she has led numerous study tours to New York and Dallas. In 2013 she coled the “Italy and France A la Mode” tour with Dr. Webster that involved a total of 19
-Tiffany Hull, M.S. Instructor of Nutrition, has taught at UCO since 2005 and began
directing the Dietetic Internship program the following year. As a registered and licensed
dietician, Ms Hull all levels of Nutrition courses, with a specialty in clinical dietetics. Her
courses include Introduction to Nutrition, Application of Nutritional Care, Nutrition
Assessment, and Nutrition Education, among others.
In her career, Mrs. Hull has been active in the Oklahoma Academy of Nutrition and
Dietetics (OkAND), formerly the Oklahoma Dietetic Association (ODA) and the
Oklahoma City District Dietetic Association (OCDDA). At the University of Central
Oklahoma, she has worked on several committees: recruitment and retention, curriculum
advisory, program advisory, Pounds for Poverty, and social committee representative.
Honors she has received during her tenure at UCO include Outstanding Staff Member,
Staff Award for Outstanding Service, and Family of the Year recognition from the
Alumni Association. Mrs. Hull was named a Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and
Dietetics in 2014.
Study Tour Rationale
Dr. Miller and Dr. Webster have served together on numerous committees, to include the
Passport committee for several years and developed the successful France-Italy tour for
2013. This iteration invites the participation of a new faculty member Ms Tiffany Hull, a
content expert in nutrition and diet, that will not only invite a new cohort of students into
the study tour experience but will also provide enhanced discipline knowledge for all
participants. This study tour has evolved through discussions at these various meetings,
and will allow students to experience multiple aspects of the Italian, French, and British
cultures. Our experience with previous collaborations tells us that, by combining
departments, it is more likely to fill with students and they will broaden their perspective
of each of the majors. It is also provides an exceptional opportunity for students to
“cross-pollinate” in ways that they often cannot as they pursue their individual degree
In this course, students will explore the diversity of Italy, France, and England’s geography,
culture, food and fashion. We will study the language and landscapes of these countries that
have inspired designers, writers and artists. We will experience Florence, Paris, and London
at a depth andpace that commercial “European Overview” tours cannot provide. Students
will prepare reports in advance, keep journals, and write an extensive response paper based
on course themes.

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