Features of pond lining sheet membranes (SILPAULIN)
1. Thickness: Film made in 45, 70, 90, 120, 150, 200, 250 and 300 GSM (Gram per square
meter). For Pond lining 200, 250 and 300 GSM are appropriate. The thickness can be
verified by weighing the plastic.
2. Color: Available in mainly 5 colors. They are Black, Blue, White, Transparent and Yellow.
For Pond lining, black and blue colors were recommended because they resist UV rays
more compared to other colors.
3. Chemical properties: Silpaulin is UV stabilized to certain degree and possesses desired
mechanical properties like Tear, tensile, elongation, impact strength, puncture and 100%
water proof.
4. Durability: In exposed weather conditions without water in pond=3 years, If the pond is filled
with water=7 years and if the plastic is covered/buried i.e. no exposure to sunlight=15
5. Repair of plastic: The manufacturer claims it is 100% repairable. They have recently
invented so called SILPAULIN Repair Kit which cost about NRs 1000/kit and one repair kit
can repair about 100 small tears.
6. Size of plastic: There are mainly two widths of plastic sheet. They are 6 feet and 9 feet.
However any size can be made in the company by fusion welding in the company.
7. Storage of plastic: While storing for long time, should not be exposed to sunlight.
8. Other: No problem with fish, frog, grass and insects.
9. Concreting over the plastic: No problem
10. Quality checking: By means of SILPAULIN sticker and weight.

5. Features of pond lining sheet membranes (SILPAULIN)