Ancient roman bridges were in a kind of an arch way.
They were used for a lot of things. They could be used
for transporting all kinds of things; some were even
aqueduct bridges which have an aqueduct inside of
their structure that passes water to different places of
ancient Rome. There were lots of kinds of bridges, it
existed the stone bridges and timber bridges trough
others. All of these bridges were used or for
aqueducts or for transportation methods. These
bridges had a very well-constructed road so it
supported heavy things. People could go walking over
the bridges if they wanted to cross a river or simply
for walking, other people passed in horses or even in
carriages. It semicircular shape made it easy for the
bridges structure to maintain for hundredths of year,
even some bridges built in ancient Rome are still
complete and working. Almost all are 5 meters wide,
have rustic work and slope slightly. Most of ancient
Rome bridges were across rivers or lakes so it helped
a lot because instead of getting a boat and cross the
river with difficulty you can only stand up and walk
over the bridge to get to the other side. Rome
architects had a lot of common sense at creating
bridges because it has helped a lot to Rome to civilize
and it has also helped the world.

Ancient roman bridges were in a kind of an arch way. They were