I am Community Medicine…
Name: Cynthia Hamill
Hometown: Tulsa, OK
Profession: Human Relations Student, Graduate
Her heroes are admirable women
Cynthia’s heroes are her sister, her mother, and Ayaan
Hirsl Ali a vocal feminist, activist, writer, and
politician. Cynthia believes they would feel she is on
the right track. She admires them for their fierce belief
in the autonomy and freedom of all humanity. They
also believe in doing all they can to make the world a
better place. Cynthia is currently working toward that
goal by getting her Masters in Human relations with
the ultimate goal of getting her LPC. Cynthia currently
works with a Child’s Cup Full to help others achieve
their goals.
We must address the objections people have toward
community health
Many people have the I don’t want to pay for people’s
doctors belief. We need to help individuals see that they are already paying for people’s health care.
In fact, they are paying way more than they need to for way less than they think they are getting. We
need to help people see that you will get a return on your investment. A healthy community is a
productive community. Furthermore, a community’s health affects everyone.
A beneficial visit
An ideal visit would be where the client leaves feeling listened to, understood, respected and that
they received what they needed.
She’s modest
Cynthia has never been a teacher, but she does believe that just because she knows something doesn’t
make her better than anyone. It just means she knows something.
We all stand on the shoulders of giants
Cynthia is here because of her hard work but not exclusively because of her hard work.
She has a vision for the future
She believes a health care perspective is the future.
Cynthia holds a Bachelor’s of Arts from Miami University.
Research interests and areas of expertise include
Trauma recovery, sexual assault, domestic violence, reproductive coercion, and addiction